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I Eat Healthy But I Can’t Lose Weight

Are you one of those who say, “I eat healthily, I watch everything I eat, but I still can’t lose weight”? There is a very complex mechanism underlying weight loss. Your weight loss process is affected by a variety of conditions. Losing weight simply by restricting your eating or reducing your calories is not sustainable.

If you are also complaining about this situation, you can review the items listed below and restructure your weight loss process!

1. The misconception that I can consume healthy foods without limits

Social media is flooded with healthy recipes and nutritional food recommendations. Many people think it is a fit, sweet, healthy food, and they can consume this type of food excessively, regardless of the amount. However, the fact that these recipes are called fit or healthy does not mean we can consume them indefinitely.

Preparing healthy snacks or meals will, of course, have many benefits. Adjusting the portion amount correctly will work for you in every food. At this point, it is helpful to distinguish: It is not the x food that makes you gain weight, but the amount and frequency of consumption of the ox food.

Just as life is based on balance, the diet works similarly. After adjusting the balance, frequency, and portion size, you can create your eating pattern by relying on your body’s signals. Portion size adjustment can vary from person to person and according to needs, and your hunger-fullness signs are also of great importance.

2. Water consumption

Drinking enough water throughout the day has many benefits. One of the pluses is that it helps your weight loss process. Even when the body is dehydrated, a feeling of hunger may occur. You eat even when you are not hungry. Make sure you drink enough water throughout the day. Remember, the best detox is to drink enough water.

3. Frequency of weighing

One of the biggest mistakes made on this road is to look at the scales. We get so involved with the scale that our only goal is to see those two numbers go down. So, are you one of those who weigh themselves several times a day or every day? These behaviors create weight loss anxiety in the person. This concern;

-Have I lost weight?

-Why can’t I lose weight?

Why doesn’t this number go down?

The style gets you thinking about questions. Please think about it! Does it all depend on that number on the scale? The weight stays between 1-2 kilos. Don’t let that number on the scale rule you; believe me, it cannot measure your worth. For better results, you can try weighing yourself on an empty stomach in the morning on the same day weekly or biweekly. Putting so much meaning on the scale and being too intimate with it will negatively affect your weight loss process.

4. Body fat/muscle ratio

The part that should be looked at rather than the number on the scale is the fat and muscle ratio in the body. You can do this with the best body analysis scales or by measuring yourself at home with a tape measure. To lose weight healthily, you need to slim down from adipose tissue and gain muscle tissue. As the fat tissue decreases and your body starts to gain muscle tissue, there will be thinning. Instead of focusing on the number, you can aim to reduce your fat tissue with time and patience and become visibly thinner.

5. Sleep pattern

How much and when a person sleeps in his routine is very important. At 02:00 at night, the hormone melatonin reaches its highest level in the body. Its secretion stops towards the morning hours. This hormone is a hormone that supports lipolysis, that is, fat burning. In addition, an average of 7-8 hours of quality and deep sleep is considered ideal for a healthy life. Regular sleep will provide you with a positive result in the weight loss process.

6. Toilet habit

The healthy functioning of your intestines is also one of the critical factors that positively affect the weight loss process. You should ensure that your bowel pattern (constipation, diarrhea, etc.) is working correctly. If you are having trouble with this issue, it would be beneficial to get help from experts.

7. A stressful lifestyle

Here, as elsewhere, there is a stress factor. Let me briefly explain how stress affects the weight loss process in our body with its mechanism. When your stress level increases, your cortisol hormone increases. Cortisol hormone reduces your sleep quality and immunity. It also inhibits the activity of insulin. This can even cause insulin resistance.

When under stress, the person thinks he is hungry and wants to eat more, and the body stores fat to use in difficult situations. Thus, the process of losing weight is also blocked.

8. Following a restricted diet

There is a certain daily amount of energy that the systems in your body need to receive to function correctly. If the person is fed at shallow points than the amount he should take daily, his body resistance decreases. On the other hand, the body thinks it is in scarcity and takes protection.

Remember, our body has a brilliant mechanism. As a result of the restricted diet, he starts to work with the logic of “I may not have the necessary energy, but I have to start storing whatever comes to use in difficult situations”. While you are thinking, “I am not eating anything, but I still cannot lose weight”, your body is trying to prepare you for difficult times. A restricted diet does more harm than good. Do not play with your body’s settings to lose weight.

9. All or nothing

Nutrition does not consist of sharp distinctions like black and white. There are other colors in between. If you restrict food, you will find yourself attacking that food after a while.

Without clear rules, you should approach every food equally and make your diet sustainable. Because of the violation of that rule, you will either say, “Sunk fish goes sideways,” and hit the food, or “Why am I so weak-willed? I can’t do anything!” You will find yourself blaming. That’s why, instead of knowing that there are other colors in between and managing this process with rules, it will be the best way to establish a diet that suits you.