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Holistic Wellness with Frequencies: Increase Your Vibration to Change Your Life

Holistic Wellness with Frequencies: Raise Your Vibration and Change Your Life
It affects all aspects of our lives, including organs, emotions and food. Each of us are affected, for better and worse. This is...

Promoting Well-being through Reading: Bibliotherapy

Promote Well-Being by Reading: Bibliotherapy
Let's start by asking you a simple question: When was the first time you read? This magical moment when you took a walk...

10 Points to inspire you as a changemaker

Originals: Get Inspired by 10 Points Changemakers
We can help you find original stories of inspiration. Energy flows where attention is paid. The original is the book by Organizational psychologist...

Five Book Recommendations For Psychological Novel Lovers

5 Book Recommendations for Those Who Love to Read Psychological Novels
It's easy for us to identify ourselves with novels. Because it contains a part of ourselves. These moving parts of our lives are...