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How Social Media Affects Your Romantic Relationship

Almost all of us use social media very often. Every day, for hours, we are exposed to many images. It is unlikely that what we see over and over every day is not reflected in our thoughts, emotions, or behaviors, including romantic relationships. These romantic relationships we see on social media channels can also create patterns and judgments in our minds. So how does social media affect romantic relationships?

We witness the private life of many couples, primarily through Instagram. Some couples show their lives in such detail that we get to know them. We can see everything where they go, what they argue about, what they buy, and how they have romantic moments. We witness different types of relationships and diverse perspectives. We even get involved in the flow of their lives by examining and interpreting them. We can be happy for them and sad for them. All of this occurs in our minds, and after a while, we begin to wonder what these couples share.

The perception of the perfect relationship is disappointing.

Some couples have perfect lives. An ideal relationship, a couple in love, lots of fun moments, a perfectly harmonious house, maybe lovely children, unlimited shopping, frequent vacations, romantic moments, smiling faces all the time… It may seem harmless, even fun. But after a while, we begin to believe that these perfect relationships we see are genuine.

A researcher looking for an answer to how social media affects relationships found that increased use of social media reduces relationship satisfaction, leading to increased conflicts and negative consequences.

Nobody’s life is perfect. Other lives may have better aspects than yours, but the concept of excellence varies. Who is perfect, perfect for whom? They may not be particularly sharing bad moments. Every relationship has ups and downs, but since we do not witness these moments, we can think that every couple does not have problems they may experience. However, it is very typical to have arguments in a romantic relationship. Discussions with your partner can be frustrating, as our expectations often change after seeing perfected couples.

So what can we do?

How do the perfect lives on social media accounts affect you? Let’s say they live such a beautiful life than what feelings do following them evoke in you? Anger, happiness for someone else, jealousy, envy, sadness, joy.

If following these couples inspires you, Maybe their homes, places they visit, and relationships lead you to dream new dreams, motivate you to improve yourself, and make you happy, it will be fun and valuable to follow them.

But if it causes arguments between you and your spouse, lowers your motivation, makes you feel inadequate, makes your life look worse than it is, if it makes you feel disappointed in the expectations that you will have difficulty reaching, it would be better to stay away from these accounts a little bit.

The dynamic of every relationship is different. Every relationship has different rules. Everyone’s emotional structure, financial situation, expectations, and sensitivity differ. The main thing to consider is to create your own rules. Do not adjust your expectations according to your romantic relationship, life circumstances, partner, and wishes. This will be very useful in eliminating the perfect perception of social media.