Nearly everyone uses social media quite often. Many images are displayed to us every day. It is very unlikely that the images we see every day are not reflected in our thoughts and emotions. Romantic relationships. These Our minds can be influenced by the patterns and judgments made about us by romantic relationships that we see on social media. What does social media have to do with romantic relationships?

Through Instagram, we can see the intimate lives of many couples. Some couples share so much of their lives that we can get to know them. We can see where they go and what they talk about. We can also see what they buy. And how they share their romantic moments. We see many types of relationships from different perspectives. We can even participate in their lives by studying and interpreting them. It is possible to be happy for them or to feel sorry for them. All this happens in our heads, and we soon start to wonder what these couples have in common.

It is easy to believe that a perfect relationship is possible.

Some couples lead perfect lives. An ideal relationship, a couple in love, lots of fun moments, a perfectly harmonious house, maybe lovely children, unlimited shopping, frequent vacations, romantic moments, smiling faces all the time… It may seem harmless, even fun. We begin to believe after a while that the perfect relationships we see are real.

A researcher seeking an answer to the question “How” Relationships are affected by social media. It was found that social media use is decreasing. Unsatisfaction with relationships can lead to more conflicts and worse outcomes.

There is no perfect life. While other lives might have more positive aspects than yours. However, the definition of excellence is different. Who is perfect? They might not share the same bad moments. Although every relationship experiences ups and downs we don’t see, it is possible to assume that all couples experience the same problems. It is not unusual to have arguments during a Romantic relationship Talking with your partner may be difficult as we often have different expectations after meeting perfect couples.

What can we do then?

How does living the perfect social media life affect you? Let’s pretend they Enjoy a happy and fulfilling life What emotions do they evoke in your body? Anger, happiness, envy, sadness and joy are some of the emotions that can be evoked by them.

Follow these couples if you find it inspiring. Maybe their homes, places and relationships inspire you to achieve new goals, motivate yourself to improve and make you happy.

However, if you have arguments with your spouse, it lowers your motivation, makes your life seem less than it actually is, and makes you feel depressed about the goals you are unable to achieve, it might be best to avoid these accounts.

Each relationship has its own dynamic. Each relationship is unique. Every person has a different emotional structure, financial situation and level of sensitivity. You should first create your own rules. Do not alter your Expectations based on your romantic relationshipThese include your life circumstances, your partner and your wishes. This will allow you to eliminate your perfect perception. Social media.