The Mediterranean diet is largely based on Southern European eating habits and mainly focuses upon Mediterranean foods. Olive oil, plant-based food, fish, poultry, beans, and other grains .

There is no universal Mediterranean diet. However, this concept does not include all types of food or healthy habits. It is generally free from trans fats, processed meat, and refined foods. All of these characteristics have been linked to a reduction in conditions such as Diabetes, obesity, cancer, and heart disease .

What are the Mediterranean foods?

  • Seasonal high amounts of vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, spinach, carrots and onions
  • Fresh fruits like apples, bananas and figs, dates grapes and melons
  • Consumption of oilseeds and pulses like almonds, hazelnuts (walnuts), sunflower seeds, cashews and walnuts is high
  • Soluble fiber sources and insoluble fiber sources like whole wheat, whole wheat, oats and barley.
  • Olive oil is the main source for dietary fat, along with avocados, olive oil and avocado oil.
  • Mainly cheeses and yoghurts made from dairy products
  • Moderate amounts of fatty poultry and fish such as chickens, ducks, turkeys, salmon, sardines and oysters.
  • Eggs, including duck, quail and chicken eggs
  • Limitation of sweets and red meat
  • One glass of wine per person daily; water the main drink

The emphasis on plant-based Mediterranean food and its natural sources are the best. These are the types of food sources that include:

Healthy fats The Mediterranean diet is low in saturated fat (usually margarine type oils, which can be solid fats), and high in monounsaturated oils (usually olive oil-type oils which are liquid fats). According to the World Health Organization, saturated fat should not exceed 10% of daily energy intake.

Fiber (Fiber Sources). The diet promotes healthy digestion and is high in types of fiber believed to reduce the risk of bowel cancer/cardiovascular disease.

High levels of vitamins and minerals Vegetables and fruits contain vitamins and minerals that regulate the body’s vital processes. The intake of vitamin B-12, which is not available in plant foods, can be ensured by the consumption of lean meats and other low-fat meats.

Low sugar Natural sugars from fresh fruits are good for your health. Refined and added sugars can increase calories, but have no nutritional benefits. It has been linked to high blood pressure, diabetes, and hypertension. It is found in many people. Prepared food.

Benefits of the Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean Weight loss is not something you should do by diet alone. Reduce intake of red meats, animal oils, and processed foods to lose weight This can lead to weight loss.

The regions where the diet is eaten Have lower rates of mortality and heart disease . Red meat and added sugar reductions have been linked Population reductions in stroke and heart disease This may be due to other factors, including a more active lifestyle.

This research is devoted to the monounsaturated oils and the fruits and veggies found in the Mediterranean diet. It has been shown that these fats, which are trusted sources, can increase the amount and function of “good cholesterol” and high-density cholesterol (HDL) in blood. They balance cholesterol and work homeostasis.

Guiding principles:

Because the Mediterranean A meal plan cannot reduce diet to a certain amount For maximum benefits, it is crucial to adhere to the guidelines for each food group.

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  1. Make fruits and vegetables a mainstay of your diet.
  2. Daily intake of beans, legumes, nuts, fibrous grains, and beans.
  3. Mixing spices in food is a better option than salt, oil, or sugar.
  4. Do not cook with butter. Instead, use olive or avocado oil.
  5. Concentrate on lean protein, particularly fish, and limit your intake of red meat or chicken to 3 per week.
  6. Reduce your sweet and high-sugar food intake and switch to fruits for most sweet treats.
  7. You should choose fresh, unprocessed foods whenever possible.

The best health benefits These steps can be combined with an active lifestyle to create a positive effect.