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What to Add to Your Morning Routine for a Great Start to the Day

Everyone knows how sweet the warmth of that bed feels in the morning. Soft, comfortable pajamas on you… Who would want to get up from this bed? But the sweeter the bed, the more critical it is to be productive in the morning.

So let’s take a few steps to spend more productive mornings together!

Allow yourself to wake up.

We understand you very well, those who are sleeping during the preparation time at home.

When you wake up early, you can quickly clear your head if you sober up. Do not force yourself to get started immediately after waking up. Get up 15 minutes early if necessary. You can think of those 15 minutes as a gift to yourself.

A different morning meditation: Open the window or go out to the balcony.

When the fresh air hits your face like clear water, you realize that you have started a new day. Maybe you will hear a few bird sounds, the morning breeze hitting your face, even a few scents of flowers carried by the wind…

Take turns trying to see everything you can see first. All the people, their clothes, all the animals are passing by… Then make an effort to hear everything. What do you hear? Finally, activate your sense of smell. What smells or smells come to your nose?

With this short and simple action, you will not only wake your mind up by starting the day with meditation but also enjoy the fresh air and fragrant scents.

Could there be a sweeter way to increase your awareness and start the day well?

Plan your day practically!

We are aware most of you have work to grow. It is essential to plan the day to eliminate the hustle and bustle. Even just thinking about the day’s priorities will make a big difference and ensure you do not get distracted during the day. “What was I going to do? Where was I going to go?” You can save what comes to your mind in your calendar or, practically, in your notes on your phone.

No time to greet the sun? No problem.

If you have time, you can try to greet the sun every morning. No problem if you don’t have time; Even a few small stretches can make you feel both physically and mentally great. It can prevent early fatigue, especially if you sit at the office or school all day.

It is possible to enjoy a quiet morning rather than leave the house rushing; the choice is yours. We guarantee that you will feel both fitter and happier.

Wouldn’t it be nice to spend an hour with yourself without getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of life?