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Why Fashion Diets Don’t Deliver Healthy Results

Many people follow various diets to reduce or maintain their body weight. However, he is also closely interested in ways to lose weight faster. Today, it has become fashionable in specific periods with tools such as television, magazines, and the internet; There is increasing interest in trendy diets with low energy aimed at rapid weight loss in the short term. People show interest in these diets for reasons such as hope, desperation, and ignorance. However, most of these are diets that are not suitable for use and pose a health risk.

Obesity, defined as excessive fat accumulation in the body to the extent that it impairs health, is a significant public health problem and continues to be an increasing problem worldwide. Heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, respiratory disorders, joint diseases, menstrual irregularities, gall bladder diseases, stone formation, and some types of cancer are among the illnesses directly related to obesity. Considering these relationships, obesity is a significant disease that threatens life and negatively affects the quality of life.

Today, many people are struggling with obesity and have been on diet practices many times. Some are looking for a solution to their problems with the ready-made diets they get on the internet, and some with the diets their close friends apply. In this regard, from time to time, the internet or television channels suggest diets without scientific basis, where people can get results in the short term with minimum effort by using their aesthetic concerns.

How do fad diets affect our health?

So-called miracle foods on the market for commercial purposes negatively affect people emotionally and physically. Unconsciously applied diets for many years negatively affect the body’s metabolism, disrupting the body’s normal rhythm and paving the way for eating disorders. When diets that are expected to produce results in the short term are abandoned, rapid and negative weight gains occur. This situation threatens both the psychological and physical health of people.

There is no weight loss with foods such as water and cabbage, which are popular from time to time, and believed to weaken, such as lemon water, green coffee beans, and goji berry, and permanent and healthy results cannot be achieved. Since most of these diets contain low calories, they can weaken people when applied, but these diets usually cannot be sustained, and weight gain is seen when the diet is stopped. Such diets invite many ailments, especially hypoglycemia. It causes side effects that can be seen quickly, such as headache, nausea, and cognitive dysfunction.

Why don’t fad diets produce beneficial results?

The most basic consciousness that should be brought to society is that energy intakes are also variable, as each individual is different from the others. Although nutrition is personal, It should be prepared considering age, height, gender, blood findings, socioeconomic status, nutritional history, and chronic illness, and individuals should be followed up individually. Although these diets cause a decrease in the scale in the short term, the basis of this decrease is based on muscle and water loss.

Therefore, the support of a dietitian should be taken for healthy weight loss and healthy nutrition, and the programs applied should be adapted to the person’s life. The most permanent and most beneficial result is obtained in this way.