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These Four Agreements can make your life more meaningful and better.

Sometimes things do not go as we planned. These times are difficult because we don’t know how to fix our lives or what we can do. We search for a Way to To understand the past and to forgive it as we know, to live in the present moment and be open to all the wonderful possibilities for the future. We try to find our way and think of ways to improve. Is there a way to apply all these ideas and find permanent solutions? Toltec Wisdom offers this solution through four key agreements.

What does Toltec wisdom aspire to?

The Toltecs were one of three civilizations to have lived in precolombian America. These civilizations include the Olmecs and the Mayans. They lived 3300 years ago, according to tradition. Their name stands for Builder Masters. They lived in Mexico today.

Toltec wisdom was not accepted as a religion in this time period, but it is fundamentally a system for guiding people. Teachings of the humanist beyond belief. This system:

Toltec wisdom suggests that we adopt virtues and conducts that support all teachings, the Divine religions, as well as all other world religions. These simple teachings can have lasting results if implemented.

Four Agreements to Live a More Meaningful and Better Life

First Covenant: Word is magic. Be careful with your words

Toltec wisdom, in the first Agreement, speaks of the power words have to determine how We think. When we form our thoughts, we also express our feelings through words.

First, we need to learn how to control our words in order manage our thoughts. The way we interpret the situation is critical. It is better to use words that convey strength and resilience than desperation. Meaningful life. Next time, instead saying “I’m terrible”, you can say “I am not okay yet.” I need some things under control right now.” You can also try to say

Words are experiences. If these words are changed, your experiences will change either positively or negatively. Start by becoming aware of the negative expressions that you use often. To change the terms that you use, it is important to stay awake.

What negative phrases do you often use in your day? What other words can you substitute for these negative phrases?

Second Covenant: Don’t take any things personally

It is not what is said, but how it feels. It is you who will hurt, because what is said touches on your wounds. It is you who hurt.

Others may have opinions about us but we don’t have to accept them as reality. A strong team is essential. Sense of self and awareness about ourselves We are not responsible for the thoughts or feelings of others about matters that affect our lives.

To take it personally would be to consume our power, or to lose control. To not take it personally is to remain centered and make us stronger. Imagine how exhausting it must be to know that every criticism, every suggestion and every word we hear is directed at us. We must seek arguments that will help us to feel better and more confident in our own abilities, so we can avoid being affected by such situations.

Third Covenant: Don’t make assumptions

Another factor that drains our power is making assumptions. Negative beliefs about the possibility of something going wrong are harmful. Surrealistic expectations may disappoint us at times. Surrealistic expectations are not optimistic assumptions. If they aren’t met, it can lead to devastating consequences.

However, In Communicate with peopleCommunication and asking questions are more important than making assumptions. Next time you feel like making assumptions about a sentence Ask “What were you referring to?” “Could you please elaborate? Ask the question.

The author states that assumptions about routines and habits are often not something we realize. It is important to be aware when assumptions are being made.

Fourth Agreement: Do your best.

The best thing one can do for himself is to be the best Way to improve your life Journey and find peace. It’s worth it Pay attention Here’s the fall: It doesn’t have to be perfectionist. It can mean using your full potential.

“This Agreement is the Agreement which made the other three agreements permanent habits. The fourth agreement is the result of the previous three. Do your best under any circumstance. However, it is important to remember this: Every moment can change and the moment you are in will not always be the best. Your ‘best is’ will get more and more important as you implement the four agreements in every aspect of your life.

This illusion may lead you to believe that these things are difficult to implement in today’s world. This illusion is false. As you practice the teachings, you will soon achieve the higher version of yourself. It doesn’t matter how big or small the difference, but it does matter that you are willing to believe in positive change.