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Tips for Purifying Your Living Space from Negative Energies

Each of us is energetically in touch with everything around us. Every emotion and thought experienced has an electrical frequency and vibration. Therefore, heavy energy loads in the places and things we spend time with can affect us negatively.

  • I am reluctant.
  • I have insomnia.
  • When I enter the place, my energy drops.
  • Problems are often experienced in the family or among my employees; even the new hires quit.
  • I am uncomfortable, restless, unhappy, unsafe, or feel like I am being watched.
  • I am constantly sick.
  • Ever since I moved into this house and started this business, I have started gaining weight.
  • Out of nowhere, I feel discomfort, restlessness, and strangeness that I can’t understand.
  • After I moved to this place, setbacks haunted me.
  • I don’t feel like I belong in this place.

If you frequently use one or more of these sentences for your home or workplace, the place needs energy cleaning.

All matter around us has memory and energy fields.

Emotions such as fights, deaths, anxiety, fear, anxiety, deep pain, and sadness experienced in spaces, fault lines passing under buildings, water resources, and intense power lines affect the energies of areas negatively and prevent the life energy from flowing correctly. At the same time, facilities and spaces collect, record, and store the emotion and thought frequencies of events and people through walls, floors, and objects and then reflect them to those living in these spaces.

Just like in our body, the lack of a healthy flow of life energy in the places we live or spend time causes us to experience many of the above problems.

We experience blockages and repetitive negativity. We cannot find the energy to do what we want in places with clogged power, and we may feel reluctant, tired, confused, stressed, angry, and sad. When we purify and balance the negative and unhealthy circulating energy, the energy starts to flow correctly, and these negativities are resolved by themselves.

So, how can we eliminate the negative energy frequency reflected in our space? Shall we look together?

With Feng Shui, let’s purify our living spaces of negative energies and influences.

Water: Wipe floors with salt and vinegar water. Use rose water, purifying grapefruit oil, energizing lavender oil, refreshing peppermint oil, and calming orange or sandalwood oils into the air.

Tree: Use sounds—play classical music such as 528 Hz or Beethoven and Mozart in the venue.

Fire: Use incense. Burn purifying incense such as sage, sandalwood, rose, and lavender.

Soil: Put the black seed in small containers in the corners of the space.

Metal: You can use metal bar wind chimes or make metal sounds in the place by your means.

Tips for maintaining positive energy in our living spaces:

  • Get rid of excess items you do not use and do not need.
  • Ventilate your space regularly.
  • Try to wipe the floors with vinegar water once a week.
  • Light candles that smell of jasmine, sandalwood, and roses.
  • Use high-frequency incense such as jasmine, sage, and sandalwood that purifies and refreshes.
  • Use protective and purifying stones such as Jasper, Amethyst, and Crystal Quartz.
  • Put Himalayan salt bowls in the corners.
  • Put the vinegar and salt mixture in a glass of water in each room.
  • Use plants that attract negative energy, such as Aloe Vera and geranium.
  • Use the high-frequency Rose water you put in the spray bottle.
  • Spray purifying and refreshing essential oils such as diluted lavender and sandalwood.
  • To reach everything unlimitedly, you wish your frequency to rise from moment to moment.