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6 Facts To Keep In Mind To Live Your Life Freely

Sometimes we become deaf to our inner voice while running out of breath for the wishes, expectations, and dreams of others. Here are six important reminders to keep in mind at times like these!

Realize: Negative comments made by someone are about them, not you!

Every word from someone’s mouth and heart is related to him. His criticisms, his judgments, his cruelty, his coldness… Everything from the darkness in the storm he created to the cold belongs to his world. Don’t be cold in the wind blowing with your words, and don’t take a minute to get wet in that rain. The clouds are his childhood; the lightning is his wounds… His toxic air should not overshadow the sun or pollute the water… The sky is as blue as possible in your world, and the spring kisses the ground peacefully. You turn your face to the sun! Let her darkness be hers.

This; It’s not about you; it’s about him!

Be honest with yourself first!

Don’t hide from yourself! Bring whatever you have, and pour it like this. Your weak, fragile places… Your wounds, your resentments… Your tears, your joys… They are all yours; they all belong to you. You will either accept it, or you will transform. Both are possible, both are possible. It’s a matter of not being afraid to see yourself when you’re naked.

Remember: You are only born once!

Whatever they think, whatever they say about it! It’s so easy to slur and label! Go your own way; remember: no one is innocent of sin without being tested!

No moment is repeated. If you’re going to shape your world by thinking about how you look, let it go; let their judgment die instead of their dreams.

Think of the worst case! What could it be?

What could be the worst?

You are not loved, exhausted, or forgotten in a corner. There is no death at the end; the sun rises again, and a completely different path lies. Let it be the worst! Tomorrow is a new day!

Remove anything that gives you negative feelings from your life!

He who speaks the language. He does not know his place; the way can bring justice! But it’s up to you not to hear. The mouth of the nation is not a bag so that you shrink! Fill it with beauty. Do not enter environments that make you feel dark; stay away from people who draw your energy. Remember your world; take care of the beauty inside!

Face it: Not everyone has to like you!

The possibility of not being loved always scares you. Penetrating like a bright pitch makes you question every step you take. You wear shackles on yourself relentlessly. The most magnificent prison you can see on earth… The light of your eyes, the light of your heart in every part of it… Don’t do this to yourself!

Let it not love—these days of captivity. I wouldn’t say I like it. It’s right. You love more. Love yourself more for every moment you think you are not loved. In honor of nature, spring, and freedom!

“I never apologize for being myself. You should apologize for wanting me to be someone else.” -Michael Carlini