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Baby Steps: 8 Simple Ways to a More Positive Life

To change our lives in the direction we want, we pursue great solutions by underestimating the simple. If we wish to make significant changes, we must take big steps. Not at all! Every long journey starts with a tiny stage. Then one more step, one more step… Don’t underestimate the power of the simple.

What is simple is more easily persuaded by your mind; it does not prevent you from applying it.

Simple takes less time, so you get more application possibilities.

Simple is fun because it won’t force you. You get results from everything you do.

That’s why it’s easier and more fun to have a more positive outlook with baby steps. Come on then, here we go!

Fake smile

No, I’m not talking about the clichés of “smile” or “laugh anything”. I’m talking about moving his muscles like he’s smiling. Even if you don’t feel like laughing, when you put the facial muscles in this shape, your brain will think that you are laughing/something to laugh about. Yes, that’s how easy it is to fool our brains! Don’t be afraid to pretend to smile whenever you can.

You best exaggerate and pretend to be happy. See how you feel? Just like you did when you were pleased; open your arms, close your eyes, take a deep breath with a smile and say “thank you”.

Challenge yourself to be yourself

That outfit you love so much but can never wear, time to challenge yourself. Because our differences make us valuable, what was the point of being born after being like everyone else? What nonsense… Isn’t it? We were born to be colorful, to paint this gray world in different colors… So don’t be afraid to show your differences. Because this is your essence, the closer you are to your core, the happier you will be.

Leave the complaint

Complaining is another way of saying, “I want more than this”. The energy of complaint will only bring you more than you complain about. Or let me insist on using more complaint words and ask as follows; Have you ever gained anything by complaining? Come on; it didn’t happen. Tell your brain not to keep looking for something you win by trying to beat me. Strong people don’t waste time complaining or criticizing. They look for solutions. Time is precious to them.

Don’t be afraid to be a giver.

It’s nice to receive love, gifts, and things, yes. Who doesn’t love? I love it too! So what about giving? The universe continues to exist in perfect balance. Giving is an excellent way to maintain this balance and nourish our souls. Don’t be afraid to give away your unused items and your love, and share your happiness.

Stay in the moment using your senses.

They talk as if staying in the moment is such an easy thing. Are you going to enjoy the moment in so much trouble? Come on, dear! What if I suggest a straightforward way to do this? Use your senses! When you go out every day, try to smell the air, tee the leaves in the sun, and taste the coffee you drink. When you pay attention to your senses, you enjoy the moment.

If you can’t remove toxic people from your life, unfollow them!

If you can’t get people out of your life who poison us, don’t do good for your soul, constantly cause problems to attract attention, and focus on the negative, leave your social media accounts. Because nowadays, you look at them screen-screen more than you look at these people face-to-face. Here is your solution.

Mini gratitude exercise

Let’s not talk more about how gratitude causes miracles in our lives. Being grateful for a line of things every day can be challenging. Your mind may be resisting it. How about just being thankful for one thing every day instead? If “What can a single gratitude suffice?” If you are saying, look, you are underestimating simple steps again… Remember, one is more significant than zero, and even if you are grateful for one thing every day, at the end of a year, you will have precisely 365 (yes, three hundred and sixty-five) items in your life that you are grateful for.

Take a step closer to yourself by keeping an agenda

I’m not just talking about the dates and the things to do; You can save a schedule of anything you want. Possessing a plan (or, if you’re going to change your name, a diary) allows you to know yourself better and live your life more controlled.