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7 Ways to Reduce Depression During the Season Transition

The first month has already passed and we are now in the second month of beautiful autumn. This is when we return from school or work after the pandemic, connect with more people, and lose balance. Even those who haven’t experienced any changes in life are affected by the weather’s cool and the decrease of daylight.

An article I wrote about seasonal depression I wasn’t aware that so many people were suffering from it last year. Based on the feedback I received, however, I learned that not everyone has. “Seasonal mood disorder” (seasonal depression)They are considered to be a clinical disorder but are often negatively affected by seasonal changes. Although we don’t experience seasonal depression (a clinical disorder), I wanted to prepare an article where I explained why. The Seasonal changes have an impact on our psychological and spiritual well-being.. I recommend reading the article. Design last year If the subject is interesting to you, I recommend reading that article.

It is well known that seasonal changes can have both psychological and physiological consequences on people. Research has also shown that seasonal changes, particularly in the summer, are a result of studies. Transition from summer to winter It can have a negative impact on your life. People’s subjective well being. We can think of these physical changes as the root cause. adverse effect; Are circadian rhythm disturbances, Temperature changes, reduced sunlight, disruptions to sleep patterns, excess secretion and other hormonal changes. What are their effects on us? Mental health?

What does the season change have to do with psychology?

The psychological effects of the transition from summer to autumn/winter seasons are evident in the physical changes. With the Low serotonin levelsThis hormone is also known as the happiness hormone. It causes excessive melatonin secretion, which results in tiredness and sleepiness.. As the light decreases and the darkness grows, the excess melatonin hormone released increases. Inattention, lethargy and loss of energy can cause weakness. the person. The person is able to feel secure around this. Reluctant to take action and do something? This situation can bring with it some challenges. Depression. Depressed people feel depressed and start to experience symptoms Such as Hopelessness, despair, pessimism, difficulty understanding and interpreting events, increased/decreased appetite, anxiety, and irritability. Our well-being is affected by the physical changes that we experience.

What can we do?

If you feel any of the psychological symptoms listed above, you may be able to treat them. Give these suggestions a try.

  1. When possible, avoid wearing dirty and shabby clothes. Choose light, clean clothes that feel comfortable and flattering. If you find yourself feeling depressed, you will be able to identify with clothes that make it feel like you are worthless, ugly, and fat. But that is not what you want.
  2. We We live in a world where negative things are constant. News, even when we don’t wish to. You can temporarily reduce this exposure to avoid. Negative results. If you find the information and agenda that you are following to be even more frustrating, you can stop tracking or limit how much time you spend observing.
  3. Make it possible for your loved one to be around and with you. Socialization is an active part of our lives Not only can you get rid of your depressive feelings, but there are many other psychological issues that you can solve.. Spending quality time together People as many as possible can help you get out of negative situations in your mind and to think positively realistically.
  4. You can incorporate a positive habit into your life. life. Change brings energy. Exercises that promote well-being and shows or comics to increase your senses of humor are some examples. care routine (physical/spiritual) that will express your self-worth, and habits such as meditation-yoga-exercise-prayer that will strengthen your spiritual side can be good examples.
  5. You can spend winter weekends or holidays at places that have lots of sun and high temperatures. The energy and mood changes and the Relaxing effect Your well-being can be positively affected by the holiday.
  6. Find books in the subject area you are looking for Psychological support Get support from books about the subject you are having difficulty with. The number of self-help books available has increased dramatically in recent years. I hope that you find the right book for you and that you get results if you follow the instructions.
  7. Adapt Mindfulness exercises into daily life. It’s very easy, but you will see a 10x increase in your chances of achieving this effect. Observe the sky while you walk during the day. Focus on the way you feel when you drink coffee. Search the internet for many choices. The awareness folder can be viewed daily. Guide to living a happy life My Instagram account.