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How Can We Prepare for the New Year for a Better Version of Us?

If you have prepared your pen and paper, let’s talk about how you can efficiently prepare for the new year. How productive did we spend the past year these days, as we are getting ready to leave behind a whole year, for better or for worse? Or what can we do to avoid making the same mistakes in the new year? Time passes one way or another. Why not make the most efficient use of the same time for everyone?

Get a bird’s eye view of the past year.

Write down any important events you experienced this year. What sadness, success, and happiness you have shared. What you left behind, what pains you thought would stay the same as the first day, have passed away… When you see your experiences and experiences together, you will realize how much you can fit in a whole year.

Write down everything you are not satisfied with in your life.

What things do you want to change right now, and how much is in your hands? Even if you can’t change it completely, can you make small changes to improve these situations? Change starts with noticing. And it is your natural right to make the things you are not satisfied with the way you want. Making an effort to the things you can change and accepting the things you cannot change will lead to a better quality of life.

Make your living space the most efficient use.

Your living space is one of the things that affect your mood the most. So the more messy and messy your home is, the more likely you feel confused and overwhelmed. The more minimalism prevails in your home, the better you will feel. Clutter and multiplicity are confusing in every aspect of your life.

Get rid of your unnecessary items.

Those trousers you’ve been keeping in the closet for months, maybe because you want to lose weight, body lotion left unfinished, and who knows when you’ll use it again, outdated creams… The crowd all these bring creates a dirty energy in your life. Those trousers that you even forgot existed will be helpful to someone in need for months. Besides, you can add more useful things instead of things you don’t use. Share what you don’t use.

Stay away from people who negatively affect you.

A new year, new energy. While you are in the power of rejuvenation, keep your distance from people who bring you down and negatively affect you. No rule says everyone will be good to you in every moment of your life. People can change and distance themselves from each other as time goes on. Although it takes time to accept, just like with things, you will thank yourself as new and valuable people enter your life to replace the old ones.

Write a letter to yourself for next year.

Take the pen and paper. Write whatever is on your mind. Your goals, what you want to experience, whatever comes to mind… With this letter, it will probably be good for you to discuss things you have never discussed. After you’ve finished the letter, please keep it in an envelope until next year. Thus, when you read this letter next year, you can see how much of what you wanted to achieve, where you have been, where you have come from, from your window, in your own words.