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Here are 6 steps to follow when setting new year goals

“A happy person is like rock that falls to ground and remains there calmly. Everybody and everything is trying to achieve a goal somewhere in their hearts. Rock and fire both want to fall. Man wants to feel happy. A person who develops his talents and mental qualities properly will achieve a lot. Live your life to the fullest. – Aristotle.

It doesn’t matter how you look at it, this year has been difficult for everyone. Perhaps we are in a different place than we anticipated at the start of the year. Although it was difficult, we were able to reach the goals that we set out for. Whatever the outcome of last year, I believe that we always have the chance to achieve our goals. Innovation and change are possible. There is hope as long humans exist. What are we aiming for in the new year, then? What should we aim for? Let’s list them!

Setting goals Each new year brings a different meaning. The new year’s calendar changes seem to be a sign that a new page is being opened in the mind. It’s a blank page to explore the unknown and make new beginnings. Give it a shot You will be able to achieve the difficult goal once again. These people are expressing their intention towards life by creating an intention list. An intention list Reflects our wishes and who we want to be. We all want to be what we are. It may be more motivating than setting goals for other times. It restores our faith in the world and in ourselves.

In this article I will talk about how important it is to set a real goal. And You can set a realistic goal and get some helpful tips for reaching your goal.

Let’s start by remembering the importance of being a person who has a purpose. Imagine the future and use your imagination to create the conditions and take actions that will lead you to your desired outcomes. A sense of what is happening at what level and how to direct it can help us make better decisions.

Is it possible to live meaningfully, richly, and be happy?

Together with a section from the book, I’d like to assess the answer to the question. Alice in Wonderland. Alice meets Cheshire the imaginary cat on a tree branch. The cat disappears and appears on its own. Alice questions the cat about her behavior. Lost in the woods, and which way? She should go. The cat replies: It all depends on where you want it to go. Alice insists that it doesn’t really matter where she is. The cat agrees that it doesn’t really matter where you are.

As in the story If we don’t know our priorities and where we want to end up, we won’t know where or what to do. Set goals will help us define our vision and take us where we want.

Maybe your current goals aren’t the right ones and you’re saying that you can’t do it. Maybe your dreams are what you need, and not what you want. This may be because you have not been able to change your behavior in the right direction. Would you give it another chance? Pay attention Take a look at the points that I have listed below and start to make a list. If you’re already successful, Achieving your New Year’s GoalsConsider how you can achieve your new goals.

Let’s Create your target list with others this year. Let’s start! Make sure you have a calm, peaceful place where you can be yourself. Then take out the pen and paper.!

You can set New Year’s goals by following six steps

1. Recognizing what you want

What do you want? What are you aiming to achieve? What are you aiming to accomplish? Which type of person are you looking to become? What do you value most in a person? These are questions worth considering. Instead of memorizing answers you can find the solution that you desire. Keep track of everything you think.

2. Limiting your options

Is your list ready? Now, narrow down your list to the items that are most motivating. Only keep the items you love. Eliminate all You don’t like certain things or you don’t think so Even if they aren’t, they are acceptable.

3. Take responsibility

I wish that everything was possible at once, but it is not possible. Realize that these goals are within your reach and must be pursued. We share the responsibility. Let’s go back to the original list. Is there an item you are not responsible for and its realization is entirely dependent on luck or someone else? You should also get rid of such items.

4. Realizing it

Have a look at what’s left on the list. Which goals do they have? What are their realistic goals? Can they be met in a year? Is this possible? Is it possible to succeed with your hard work and effort? Your unobtainable, extraordinary performance goals can be made attainable. It is not unusual for someone to want to play sports but has never done it. Every day In the new year, it is clear that the target requires extraordinary performance. Instead, change the goal and say that I will achieve it Physical activity The chances of success and motivation are higher if I can enjoy two times a week.

5. Clarifying your goals

Are your goals clear? Are all your readers able to understand the same thing? Is it unclear? More books, improving a foreign language more, eating healthier… Since such open-ended goals often lead to uncertainty, they can cause difficulties in reaching the destination. This is why it’s important to clearly state your goals in order to avoid this risk. You could set goals to read 30 books per annum, watch movies without subtitles in order to improve your foreign language skills, sign up for an online class, or meditate twice a week. You can plan how you will spend your time. Set your goals in a way that works for you. That embodies and expresses action.

6. Motivation increases

Even though we make our lists, sometimes it is difficult to stay motivated. I want to start well. Close your eyes. Think about your life after a year. Giving you the best. What has happened in your life? How do you feel? Visualize the positive Thoughts and feelings that arise in your mindWrite them down at the bottom of your list. You can repeat the visualization exercise if your motivation falls during the year or you can read what you have written.