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Personality Types in Women: Which Personality Type Reflects You?

Every change in behavior happens with awareness. Understanding your personality will help you learn more about yourself. Different personalities have their own characteristics, and these traits develop and change as you become an adult and make your personality unique. Again, these different personalities allow you to get to know others. Because these personality types may be someone from your environment. Your spouse, colleague, boss or relative… These personality types are; Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Omega, Sigma and Delta. So which personality type reflects you?

Alpha Woman

The alpha personality type is confident in the female personality type as well as in the male. Demonstrates a leadership stance. Alpha woman who is aware of her power; trusts their abilities, feelings, and behavior. He is happy to be alone and teamwork is not his thing. He is popular and loved. It deals with the things that really matter. She is busy taking care of herself and her loved ones. He doesn’t listen to gossip. He knows his own worth and succeeds in life by staying true to himself and his needs. The strength that helps the alpha woman stand out in the community comes from her ability to know what she wants and her intrinsic motivation to get it. Although hardworking, he is successful in business life because he is attractive and charismatic. Most female CEOs are seen as alpha females and do not like to take orders from anyone.

Beta Woman

Compared to alpha, it is more obedient. He tends to go with the flow and does not like conflict. He is reliable and a good listener. It is silent, does not reflect many things to those around it. Passive aggressive. He is shy about his self-confidence. When he comes to the stage of sharing his opinion or encountering a possible discussion, he prefers not to react to the situation and just stay silent. He has a high tendency to worry when he doesn’t get everything he wants out of life. Because of fear of not being good enough, not being able to adapt, he avoids taking responsibility, which causes him to worry more. The Beta woman is quite friendly. Therefore, many people can use this aspect of the Beta woman to their advantage.

Gamma Woman

She is the woman of long-term plans who knows what she wants. He is always meticulous and organized. He is idealistic enough to defend the subject he believes in to the end and listens to his feelings to the end to make sure that he achieves his goal. He works with all his might to complete the given task. He is a man of duty. Gamma woman; He is confident about his goals, himself and his future. If you have a Gamma female friend, you can be sure that you have the right friend to help you reach your goals, stay organized and stay motivated. It inspires you. It is also vindictive. You don’t want to make a Gamma woman your enemy.

Omega Woman

He is introverted and shy, but passionate and intelligent. Instead of socializing like an alpha woman, she prefers to sit at home and watch TV series. He tends to hide his feelings. Finally, it expresses strongly what it hides inside. Due to the fact that they keep their emotions inside, they are more likely to have an anxiety disorder and have a panic attack compared to other personality types. In addition to his shy nature, he is quite fun with his friends. He stands out with his intelligence in teamwork. As a result, he is very good in team work, but prefers to work individually. Among the things he does most often; reading classical literature, dreaming of romantic dreams.

Sigma Woman

Sigma woman is Alpha’s biggest rival. She is extroverted and as dominant as the Alpha woman . He knows how to act, when to stand out and when to stay in the background. He is emotionally obsessed. He may insist on continuing a relationship even if it hurts him. In other words, if it is attached to one, it is difficult to break. The most important reason for you to be friends with a Sigma woman is because she is incredibly loyal and devoted to her loved ones.

Delta Woman

He is shy and humble. The Delta woman likes to stay at home, similar to the Omega woman. He is very good at communicating and uses the power of words very well. It is realistic. He is patient. Although described as pessimistic by others, he defines himself as a realist. The biggest problem of Delta women is their struggle with their self-confidence.