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5 ways to increase your free time

Time: It refers to the period during which a work, event, or other material passes, or will pass. It is a valuable concept when all of humanity meets at the same time. When we’re chatting with friends, it often comes down to how quickly time moves. We have trouble keeping up.

Meik Wiking is the founder of Happiness Research Institute. He tells us this in his book Lykke. 5 ways to increase your leisure. These are the five items we have put together for you. Let’s take an overview together!

Make more food than what you actually eat in a given day

Cooking takes time in this busy age. This can be reduced by cooking more meals at once, especially if you are doing it on the weekends. You can freeze leftovers and make them the next day. Another option is to keep the materials in the freezer while you cook. You can, for example, slice/sorry your vegetables ahead of time and place them in the freezer. This will ensure that you don’t get sick if you do. Work from homeThe meal preparation process won’t take as long as it used to.

Use any leftovers

There are many moments in our day when we wait. We wait for a vehicle to arrive at our destination, wait in line at banks, and then wait until it opens. These residuals can be used to your advantage. You can use these times to pause, to relax, to take a deep breath, or to solve small puzzles to distract yourself. Read a few pages of your book Use them to improve any language that you are learning. You can decide ahead of time what you would like to do with this time.


Find a third option if you’re unable to choose between two options. Combining the two activities is possible. Instead of choosing between exercise and socializing, you can combine them. Jogging can be done with your best friend, or you can cycle together in nature.

Limit your social media use

We need something to keep our minds off of the pitfalls of today’s world. Social mediaLet’s face facts. Many people desire to. Spend less time online and on social media websites, because it is hard to underestimate the amount of time we spend on these platforms. You can control how much time you spend on social media or on the Internet by using the apps on your smartphone.

Parkinson’s Law is applicable

If you have limited time, you tend to be more productive. Your friend’s or you have a friend who has a Parents of the partner Call you and say they’ll be over in 15 minutes. There’s no doubt you’ll clean the house well. According to Cyril Northcote Parkinson (british historian and author): “The work may grow to fill the time it takes to complete.” Also, if you complete a job within two days, then it is almost certainly a two day job. You can turn this situation around by planning when to start and end a job, sticking to your plan. You’ll see that many jobs can be completed much faster than you thought.