There are common goals that all people share in their lives. These goals include survival, survival, and better living circumstances (such as shelter, nutrition, and food). These goals are the foundation of how individuals live their lives. They can be taken risks and they will be achieved by working hard. Each individual, however, has its own primary goals. They have goals that they are determined to reach. These goals can vary depending on what the person is looking for, where they are going, how they feel about themselves, and their personal values and beliefs. The reasons may be different but there is one thing that’s certain. Each person has a peak they want to reach. What is the best place to start? Enjoying life These are your goals

The results of our life goals

The goal that the person is trying to achieve. The goal of a person can be either a spiritual or material one. This article will discuss how to measure the distance between individuals who have different goals and the places they desire to be.

The more distance an individual has between his current location and his desired destination, the less satisfaction they get from their lives. Let’s take an example to show you how it works. The following is an example: Person who must score 90 points on the exam in order to be able to work in the job He wants to get 40 points from the attempts he made one month before the exam. There is still a lot of work to do to achieve the goal. In the same scenario, even if he scores 80 points on the trials, it’s not impossible to earn 90 points by working hard for a month. Comparing the two scenarios, we can see that the Life satisfaction The person in the first scenario is likely to be less than the one in the second.

Let’s examine the situation from the perspective of the content. Target setting. Is it the Life satisfaction The dignity of someone whose ultimate goal in life is to live in peace and harmony with their spouse. That is both. People will be happy They will achieve their goal. However, once the promotion person’s purpose is fulfilled, it will be replaced by a different plan and will engage in new satisfaction efforts. For the person who wishes to live peacefully with his spouse, there will be a continuous and sustained enjoyment of Life is a goal that can be achieved spiritually. Dimension, whose achievement is dependent on the attitudes and behavior of two people. This means that external causes are not as important as our human nature, which will always desire to achieve the better.

What does this mean? Why not set the goal of promotion? Yes, we will always have quantitative-based goals. These goals will make us more successful. Happy in your life. Accept. However, it is important to keep its validity. It will be difficult to maintain continuity. This is whyIf we make our main goals spiritual and involve more people, it will be much easier to work towards the goals. Fulfillment from life is the purpose of our lives.

Are you as far away from your destination as you would like?

Diener et al. The following were developed: To determine how satisfied people feel with their lives, the 1985 Life Satisfaction Index was created.. We discussed how life satisfaction is related to the distance between where you are now and where you want to go. To review your goals and determine how satisfied you feel with your life, fill out the Life Satisfaction Scale.


Please indicate in numbers your agreement or disagreement with the following sentences.

  1. I disagree.
  2. I’m sorry, but I have to disagree.
  3. I am not in agreement.
  4. I don’t agree or disagree.
  5. I am not in agreement.
  6. I agree.


Add the points to the sentences.

  • 31-35 Points: I find a lot satisfaction in life.
  • 26-30 points: I’m satisfied with my life.
  • 21-25 points: I find some enjoyment in life.
  • 20 points: I am not satisfied or dissatisfied by my life.
  • 15-19 points: I’m a little unhappy with my life.
  • 10-14 points: I’m not happy with my life.
  • 5-9 points: My life is full of no satisfaction.