“My life is full with suffering!” Instead of saying, “What lessons can I learn?” What is the lesson in life that I am caught up in? You’ve never tried to ask. Quality questions lead to a quality lifestyle. We find the answer to every query, so we continue to search for the right solution. You can direct your energies to the right places by asking the right questions.

Let’s discuss a few questions that you should ask. Enjoy a higher quality of life.

10/10/10 technique first!

Suzy Welch is a journalist, writer and television commentator. She has a rule that helps her make the right decisions in critical moments. What will I feel 10 seconds after making that decision? Ten months later? Ten years later?

He says that this allows us to think for the long term and avoid making bad decisions. Let’s take a look at the rule from a different angle. If we take a broad view of most problems, they aren’t so bad. To see the bigger picture, another great question is: What will it take to make this happen? How can it affect my life? You can do it in 10 minutes, ten month, or ten year.

What is the best way to think about an event that upsets you? How should you approach this event? What effort should you make? All of this will be explained by asking the above question. It will not have any effect on your day even if you wait 10 minutes.

Are I actually enjoying it? How can I make it more enjoyable?

The majority of the times, It is a joy to feel that we are missing the hustle and bustle of daily life. Do you know the people? Spend time With give you pleasure? Are you happy in the environment you work in? Is your job bringing you joy? Is it something you enjoy reading right now?

This is the first question that you need to ask yourself. You can improve your quality of life by: “Am I enjoying this moment?” If you answered yes to that question, go further. Visit those people more often.

I understand what you are going through. “I cannot quit my job in an hurry. I have bills.” “If you can’t pay the rent, I’ll find a place where I can have more fun.”

Without ever hearing the victim’s story, I ask you the second question: How can I make it more enjoyable? Your current situation may not be enjoyable. You may lose your job or be unable find one, even if you try. a lot. You can still have a lot of fun. Baby steps. Keep in mind the People you have touched by your workIf your coworkers have a negative effect on your energy, clean up your office desk. There is a solution. Your life will only be full of complaints unless you stop complaining, and instead get an answer.

First, be honest with yourself. Can you or won’t you change the situation? You can change certain things in your life. Life is not something you can change in a flashIt is possible to make them love you and enjoy them.

Do I have to do it all?

We often get stuck with the Illusion that we depend on other people. The bright reality is revealed when our eyes open to the sun.

Take a look at all the things that you have put on others.

  • “My girlfriend never takes us to see that movie.”
  • “I don’t have friends. I was at home on Sundays and Sundays.”
  • “I can’t because Ayşe doesn’t help me.”
  • “My wife has a low income so we cannot afford it.”

What jobs are you able to do to increase income? Do you have the ability to go to the movies on your own? What do you need to do this job on your own that you couldn’t do because Ayşe didn’t help?

To Improve the quality Take control of your life and stop relying on others. Try asking yourself, “Can I do it alone?” Every time you complain about something, don’t be afraid to ask: It will surprise you to learn that often the answer is “yes”.

What is it that I am trying to feel right now

We all have desires; the Latest cars, houses, lovers, that’s what they are… All great desires. Naturally, you will also have desires. This is your natural right. But, why would you want to do this? But what are you looking for?

  • What do you want for your lover? feel valued?
  • Are you looking for the money? Feel safe?
  • Are you looking for a career? Feel confident?

What is the deepest feeling that makes you want them? You can have whatever feeling you want, but I recommend that you invite it into your daily life immediately. Activate and make it possible This feeling should be felt as quickly as possible. You must feel valued if your goal is to feel valued. You are the only one who can stop you. I am your biggest supporter.

Ask yourself these questions frequently. It’s possible to write the question on a piece paper and place it somewhere you can see it every day. Let’s find out what improvements you can make in your life.