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Heal Your Relationship With Money: Golden Steps Towards Savings!

How does the inevitable debt cycle begin? Oh, credit cards!

You had your dinner at the mall with a friend. After dinner, before going to work, you look at the shop windows, and what do you see? It can’t be the moon! The red shoes you love and can’t get because they’re almost as expensive as your two salaries are 70% off! As you enter the store, you are about to cry, praying inside: “Please don’t run out of numbers!” You walk in and find out it’s not over! You are fortunate! The shoes you want so much, and your size, are in the sale.

But you do not realize that you will still pay more than half of your salary. But it was okay; you already had a super goofy credit card! Because shoes were your two wages.

In other words, he would take his pain out piece by piece, not from your income this month, but from the next. But do you know that even if you pay 12 monthly installments, that money will be reduced from your income with interest? So now, the extra money will be spent on the original price of that shoe.

Then the urge to pay off that card’s debt and relax pushes you one click beyond using a credit card, and ta-da! And you see that you find yourself waiting in front of the specialist in charge of loans at the etc. bank, wondering if there will be a loan of how many dollars!

So what’s the end of it?

The result is often frustration, foreclosures, salary confiscations, blocklists, broken marriages, family problems, etc. We take the samples as far as we can. I now think this issue is pathological, psychological, sociological, etc. I’m not going to settle their situation. But I have a word or two to say with my logic.

Golden steps on the way to savings!

Rule 1: Saving has to be the lifestyle of an intelligent person.

In summary, it is essential to make saving a part of your life and apply it permanently, not as a goal or a way to reach it. For example, if you are doing sports to build muscle, you quit after the powers come out. But guess what in two or three months? If you don’t use it, your muscles will whistle. On the other hand, if you have taken this path to be healthy and fit, you are always like a nail. Here, you can think like him.

Rule 2: Getting rid of credit cards can be started with baby steps.

Now calmly put those credit cards away. Okay, okay, don’t panic now. You can start this month by canceling those five cards you never used and keeping them in your wallet to feel secure. Destroy both cards you used so you can get on the straight as soon as possible. But for now, you can start with baby steps.

Rule 3: Conscious user does not neglect to take notes.

How are you tightening your belts until the debts are settled? Take your credit card statement and a pen and notepad with you… Now, even if you don’t get it from that statement, cross out all possible items and stay away from them this month. It would be best if you did the same with your kitchen shopping. Eating healthy is both cheap and good. You will also stay away from some items that say, “Oh dear, I have this pleasure” every day; For example, it happens even if you don’t go to that coffee shop every day! Believe me.

Yes, you are doing well; Being stable is excellent, and debts are slowly being paid off. The income-expenditure balance seems to be in harmony because your awareness is rising. Now it’s time to make a more informed list.

How much do I spend on what? When you start to answer the question in a realistic and detailed way, those extravagant items will probably come out. At the end of the rules, you will realize that the main issue comes from the small invisible pens. Now you will list your expenses on the income statement so that you can compare them with the coming months and the past months. I know it’s a bit of a tedious and challenging job, and you also need to take your time, but if you are consistent and persistent, success is inevitable.

Rule 4: There should always be an assessment of the situation.

Now it’s time to evaluate the lists. You saw how much you spent on what. You know the “must haves” and the “must haves” well. I think, at this point, you should appreciate yourself because you managed to face yourself. Now you are at a decision juncture! You either increase your income or decrease your expenses. Increasing revenue is difficult for an ebb and flow, but you can find ways to cut costs, at least until you do some additional work. Who knows, maybe you’ll be so successful that you don’t need any other job.

Here are a few tips to reduce expenses!

Develop a system where you can control your expenses.

You can try to make your expenses with your cash card. The first reason is to get a breakdown of your costs more efficiently. Banks’ smartphone applications are a great support in this regard; I love using the good sides of technology to the fullest. Some support spending in cash, not cards, because touching the money and feeling its tangible presence makes us think about how it is earned, while expenditures are more controlled. However, if you choose to do so this time, do not forget to check the expenses on the receipt! There is no such thing as right or wrong. It matters which one suits you better.

The power of wholesale shopping!

Smartphones have their unique side too! You can use wholesale shopping and campaigns for products such as toilet paper, detergent, and shampoo, which are renewed as they run out and use continuously. Now, comparative applications show which product and size are how much in which market, which can be followed from there.

What you need to know for home economics…

Since electricity is discounted after a particular hour at night, you can leave washing machines and dishwashers until this hour.

Speaking of white goods, everyone now knows that it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that they are A+. Even though the refrigerator’s heat setting, the air conditioner’s dripping tap, and the combi boiler grounds may seem like minor problems, it’s easy to double the bills when ignored. It is very effective and essential not to overlook the house’s square meter when choosing a combi boiler and air conditioner. The energy consumption rate is meager, so saving bulbs is another critical issue. Not everyone knows that iron is one of the most energy-consuming household appliances. Because iron is a device that consumes a lot of energy during heating. Drinking water to prevent calcification and doing it collectively saves three times more energy than doing it separately.

I do the house cleaning myself, and I’m sure I’ve saved a lot of money. Moreover, everyone’s understanding of cleaning is different. After cleaning and leaving, I decided to do the cleaning myself as long as I was healthy since I went over it.

How much of your care can you do at home?

Personal care work, crazy money spent at the hairdressing salon, and crazy times are not for me. I usually do these things myself, apart from the haircut. They produced many tools for the home, which are now available in hairdressers. You can try it! My work is typically skin care, body care, mani, Pedi, blow dryer, and tongs.

When it comes to food shopping…

In food shopping, I started to buy vegetables and fruits to meet my daily needs, not by kilos. It is both fresh and does not rot and go to waste. I also like to try the products of some big markets that come out in their name; the price is more suitable than other brands. And it is produced in factories of large reliable brands. But of course, it is still helpful to look at the content.

It is healthier and more economical to prepare the food at home instead of telling it from the outside. “Shouldn’t we say it from the outside?” or “Shouldn’t we eat when we’re hungry on a shopping mall trip?” If you ask, a nice meal is delicious once in a while, but not always. Before closing on the food issue, I would like to add that from my experience, I prepare my lunch and snacks at home and take them with me.

Review your subscriptions!

That application, this application… You can review the subscriptions that have to be renewed. Which ones do you use? Which ones stand there? Spotify, Netflix, Youtube, I don’t know…

Yes, one of the tightest topics is the wardrobe issue… Capsule wardrobe!

I will write an article on this subject, but let me state it in short titles; I live in two drawers in total, which I call two small wardrobes (by small wardrobe, I mean almost the size of a baby closet). I am thrilled and can switch to a single cabinet without difficulty beyond a click. I now have shopping rules that I have thoroughly adopted. I have a style and don’t go out of it because I know it well. Can I say I have a capsule wardrobe and am I happy? Yes, too much. Combining is so easy; it’s great not to worry about what to wear in the morning.

Crazy consumption is a different version of self-consuming, and being ready is a different version of laziness. It is a situation that harms the person, the environment, and the country. It is essential to be healthy, self-aware individuals who love their job, pursue their life purpose, and always focus on self-development.

The system will also have to change when everyone lives in this consciousness. With every red shoe you don’t buy; you will once again feel that you have not entered the system’s wheel or that you will be aware of it. As the number of this awareness increases, the balance in the world will begin to change more rapidly. And thus, the production-consumption balance will change.

The relationship between money and happiness

A long-term study by Harvard University revealed that the secret to a happy life is not money earned or fame achieved. The secret of a healthy and happy life; relies on the solidity of your family, friends, and relationship with your spouse.

At Columbia University, Prof. Dr. Elizabeth Dunn has researched the relationship between money and happiness. The results of the study stunned scientists. Because according to the results of the research, the joy of people whose income has doubled increased not one hundred percent but 9 percent.

In summary, scientists say that money and happiness are separate concepts. Both are beautiful, but they also have different ideas! Just like apples and pears…