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You can heal your relationship with money by following these golden steps to saving!

How does the inevitable cycle of debt begin? Credit cards!

You went to the mall with a friend for dinner. You look through the shop windows after dinner. It can’t possibly be the moon! These red shoes, which you love but can’t afford because they’re nearly as expensive as your two salary’s, are now 70% off As soon as you step into the store, your heart is racing and you begin to cry. It’s not over when you walk in. You are blessed! There are many shoes for sale that will fit your needs.

However, you don’t realize you will still have to pay more than half of what you earn. It was fine, you had a ridiculous credit card! Because shoes were the two wages you earned.

This means that he would pay his pain one at a time, instead of taking your income from this month but from the next. You should also know that the money you pay in 12 monthly installments will be deducted from your income as interest. This means that the extra money can be used to purchase the original price for the shoe.

You feel the need to pay off your card debt and then you click one more than using a creditcard. You find yourself in line at the etc. specialist for loans. You are now waiting to see if you can get a loan for how much money!

But what does it all mean?

This can lead to frustration, foreclosures, salary confiscations and blocklists. It also leads to broken marriages and family problems. We try to get as many samples as possible. This is a pathological, psychological, or sociological issue. I will not change their situation. However, I do have some words to add to their logic.

Golden steps on your way to savings

Rule 1: A smart person must live an intelligent lifestyle.

In short, it is vital to make saving a small part of your daily life a priority and keep it going. A goal or a means to get there it. If you do sports to build muscle, then you can quit. Guess what happens in two to three months? You will soon hear your muscles whimpering if you don’t use it. You will be like a nail if you choose this path to being healthy and fit. You can think like him.

Rule 2: It is possible to start reducing your credit card debt by taking baby steps.

Put your credit cards aside now. Okay, okay, don’t panic now. To feel safe and secure, you can cancel the five cards that you haven’t used. You can start by destroying both of the cards you have used to get your life in order. For now, however, you can begin with Baby steps.

Rule 3: Conscious user must not forget to take note.

How can you tighten your belt until the debts are paid? Take your credit card statement and a pen and notepad with you… Now, even if you don’t get it from that statement, cross out all possible items and stay away from them this month. You might also want to do the same for your kitchen shopping. Healthy eating It is both good and cheap. Avoid items that state, “Oh dear! I have this pleasure!” It happens every day, even if it’s not your daily routine.! Believe me.

You are doing well. Being stable is a great thing. Debts are slowly being paid. Your awareness is increasing and the income-expenditure ratio seems to be in harmony. Now is the time to be more informed.

What are my spending limits? You will likely find the extravagant items when you begin to answer the question in an accurate and detailed manner. The main problem is the tiny invisible pens at the end of these rules. The income statement will show you your expenses so you can compare them to the next months and past months. Although it can be tedious, I understand. It is a challenging jobYou need to be patient and take your time. But, if you’re persistent and consistent, you will achieve success.

Rule 4: Always assess the situation.

Now, it’s time for you to evaluate your lists. Now you can see what you spent. You are familiar with the “must-haves” and “must not haves”. At this point you can begin to see the good in yourself. This is the moment you need to make a decision. You can either increase or decrease your income. An ebb & flow makes it difficult to increase your revenue, but there are ways you can cut costs. You never know, you might be so successful you no longer need another job.

These are some tips to help you reduce your expenses.

Create a system that allows you to control your spending.

It is possible to use your cash card to reduce your expenses. First, you can get a better breakdown of your expenses. The bank’s smartphone apps are great in this regard. I love to make the most of technology. Because we can touch the money and feel its tangible presence, some people prefer spending cash. Expenses, however, are easier to control. But, if this is your choice, don’t forget to review the receipt to see the total expenses. There is no such thing “right or wrong.” It does not matter which one is better for you.

Wholesale shopping is a powerful tool!

Smartphones also have their own unique sides! Wholesale shopping is possible for shampoo, soap, and detergent. These products can be renewed as they are used. Comparative applications are a way to see which product and how much they cost in each market. You can also follow these trends.

What you need to know for home economics…

Electricity is available at a discounted rate after a certain hour at night. You can leave dishwashers and washers on until that hour.

White goods: Everyone now knows what it is. Pay attention Because they are A+. While minor problems like the heat setting of the fridge, the dripping tap from the air conditioner, and the grounding for the combi boiler may seem like they are not important, double the bills can be easily avoided. It is essential to take into account the area of your home when selecting a combi boiler and/or air conditioner. Saving bulbs is a crucial issue because of the low energy consumption. Iron is one the most energy-intensive household appliances. Iron is a device that uses a lot of energy for heating. Drinking water to prevent calcification is three times cheaper than doing it separately.

I do my own house cleaning and have saved so much money. Every person’s view of cleaning is different. After cleaning up, I decided to leave and do the cleaning myself.

What amount of your home care can you provide?

I’m not interested in personal care, crazy money at the salon, or crazy times. Except for the haircut, I do most of these things myself. You can now find many of their tools in hairdressers. It’s possible to try it! My work is usually skin careBody care, body care and blow dryer.

When it comes to food shopping…

In my food shopping, I decided to purchase vegetables and fruits according to my daily needs. Not by kilos. It is fresh, does not go to waste and doesn’t rot. I enjoy trying the products of big markets, as they are more affordable than other brands. It’s also produced in factories owned by reliable brands. However, it is still useful to examine the content.

It is more healthy and less expensive. Prepare the food at your home Instead of telling it outside. “Shouldn’t we speak it from the outside?” Should we not eat when we are hungry during a shopping trip to the mall? You might be surprised to learn that a good meal is only delicious every once in awhile. Before I close on the food topic, I’d like to say that I make my own lunches and snacks and bring them with me.

Check your subscriptions!

That application, this application… You can review the subscriptions that have to be renewed. Which ones are you using? Which ones do you prefer? Spotify, Netflix, Youtube, I don’t know…

Yes, one of the tightest topics is the wardrobe issue… Capsule wardrobe!

I’ll write an article about this topic, but I will just say it briefly: I live in two drawers, which I refer to as two small wardrobes. (By small wardrobes, I mean almost the same size as a baby closet). I am delighted and can change to one cabinet with a click. I now have my own shopping rules which I love. Because I am familiar with my style, I don’t dare to change it. Do you believe I can say I have a? A capsule wardrobe Are you happy? Yes. Too much. It’s so simple to combine; you don’t have to worry about what you will wear to work in the morning.

Crazy consumption can be described as a different form of self-consuming. Likewise, being prepared is a different kind of laziness. It’s a dangerous situation for the individual, the country, and the environment. It is It is essential to be healthyPeople who are self-aware and love their work, have a purpose in life, and focus on their personal development.

This consciousness will cause the system to change. Every red shoe that you don’t purchase, you’ll feel again that you’re not part of the system or that it isn’t your fault. This is how many of these? Awareness growsThe world’s balance will change faster. And thus, the production-consumption balance will change.

The relationship between happiness and money

Harvard University’s long-term study revealed the truth You can find the Happiness is the key to a happy lifestyle Fame and money are not earned.. The secret to a Happy and healthy Your family, friends and your relationship with your spouse are the foundation of your life.

Professor Elizabeth Dunn, Columbia University, has studied the relationship between happiness and money. Scientists were shocked by the findings of this study. The research revealed that the joy of those whose incomes have doubled has not increased by one hundred percent, but nine percent.

Scientists conclude that scientists agree with each other. Money and happiness are two different concepts. Both are beautiful but have different ideas. Just like apples and pears…