Mevlana said, “He who gazes with an eye of the world sees a face, but the one who gazes with the heart sees the essence.” says. Are you one of the people who see with the eyes and mind or the other?

Many people feel more disconnected from their core, self and essence as they live in the hustle and bustle that is life. The person’s relationship with himself will begin to weaken and may even become a distraction. This is known as disengagement and ignorance.

When he becomes too concerned about the environment, a person can start to forget himself. He may be able to embarrass his self while being kind and helpful to others. He may be able to offer more than what the other person needs, but he might hesitate to ask for help.

It is quite normal for people to experience a feeling of being disconnected from their hearts and from themselves, in constant rushes. Reach places and goals. A person’s attitude towards himself may be a secret in his life. He might be enslaved by his thoughts. For hours, or even days, he feels the emotions of the people and situations he meets.. It might be unconsciously lost in past or future events. In some cases, communication with the person has deteriorated so much that he doesn’t even know how to treat himself. Thoughts run through his head During the day.

These cases are when the love and communication one has with oneself, that’s, with their essence, decreases. Emotional states such as suffering, happiness, etc. enjoying lifeThis can lead to dissatisfaction. These conditions can result in many chronic diseases if they are not treated.

Meditation can help you get back to your core.

“Meditation practice doesn’t mean we have to abandon ourselves and Try to be something better. It’s friends with us. – Pema Chodrön.

The person whose Heart eye opens He begins to remember and know himself again. He first approaches his heart and surrounds himself with the energy and love of constant compassion and love. He sees things as they really are and is able to get rid of the illusion of the mind. Negative The vibration of happiness, peace and constant joy replaces judgment, blame and pain.

“The disconnection from our soul is the cause of our suffering.” Meditation can help you to reconnect with your soul. – Amit Ray.

Meditation is one of many powerful tools that can help a person strengthen their love for themselves, to remember his heart, to feel his own heart, and to re-communicate his heart. The mind is abstract, but the heart is concrete. Therefore, Meditation by touching the spirit Focus on the important things. Heart is one of the best ways to experience the infinity and width of your heart. Accept yourself as you are and keep your uniqueness.

I wanted this to be a complete journey.

“If you don’t have a mind, then you’re dead; if your heart doesn’t have a head, then you’re already dead.”

The benefits of this meditation

It makes you more accepting of yourself by helping you to approach yourself first, and then your surroundings with compassion. It helps you transform feelings like sadness, pain, and loneliness. It makes it possible for your heart chakra to open up and the love you feel inside to expand.

Application Frequency

It can be used daily, either morning or night. You can use it daily, morning or night. During the day, you may feel negative emotions towards yourselfThis meditation can be accomplished by creating a quiet place.

Time for application

The Recommended: The shortest This meditation takes 10 minutes. This time can be extended As needed.


Be aware of the times in the day that you aren’t treating yourself well. Pay attention to how harmful your words and thoughts are.


1. You can either place your spine straight or cross-legged on the ground. You can support your lower back and back with a chair or wall if you have trouble with this position. When you’re sitting down in a chair, ensure that the soles of the feet touch the floor. A light neck lock can be applied. You can either close your eyes, or focus softly on the point in front. The breath only flows through the nose during the entire meditation.

2. You can start to take long, deep inhalations through your nose. You can expand or relax any area in your body that feels stuck.

3. When your body is relaxed and comfortable, focus your attention on your heart. While you are doing this, place your hands on your heart with your left and right hands. You can feel it by touching your heart if you want. Take a few deep breaths and then focus on your heartbeat. You can continue to focus on your heartbeat as long you like. You can focus on your heart if your heartbeat is bothering you.

4. Feel the energy spreading from your chest to your heart. Visualize this energy gradually turning green.

5. As you breathe in, imagine or feel it. Green energy is the source of energy that promotes love and compassion throughout the universe. This energy spreads through your body as you inhale it.. This energy can keep you going for as long as it takes.

6. You can take a break for 2-3 minutes after the meditation.