Communication leads to community. It is the ability to understand, intimacy, and reciprocate appreciation. -Rollo May

We exist as humans through communication. Although communication is important in all aspects of life, interpersonal relationships offer another level to communication skills. Our relationships with other people are built on touch. This creates intimacy and allows us to move into a safe space. It doesn’t matter if it’s romantic or friendship. First, understand yourself and explain yourself correctly. Healthy communication skills include listening and trying to understand other parties objectively..

All of us know that communication, understanding, sharing, trust, and empathy make relationships more healthy and solid. But, just knowing these things may not be enough. Because as with all things, actual development comes from putting what you know into practice. The best is the most Problems in interpersonal relationships are common Communication problems are common. Communication issues are often at the root cause of problems in relationships and friendships. Many issues can be discussed under the umbrella of communication problems. I would like to discuss them. Ability to share your thoughts with the other party This article.

Self-disclosure refers to the sharing of thoughts, feelings and experiences with another party. Our tastes, our views on a subject, our textures about past events, our expectations for the future… When we share many things like this with the other party, we demonstrate the ability to reveal ourselves. This is very humane. We don’t always tell everything. Fear of being rejected and anxiety Do not allow criticism to stop you. Sometimes, these fears and anxieties can be irrational and unfounded. The person may avoid sharing information even if it is not something to be ashamed or worried about.

A third factor that can affect our self-disclosure behavior is how open the other person is to us. We are averse to the principle of reciprocity. It can be stated that we are open to whatever opportunities present themselves to us. Self-disclosure Behavior is directly linked to the behavior of people. self-esteem. People who have high self-esteem are more open to self-disclosure. The Johari Window has been extensively researched in social psychology You can get a better understanding about self-disclosure behavior by reading this article.

Johari Window: Level of self-disclosure within relationships

The analysis by Harry Ingham and Joseph Luft, named after him shows the level of Self-disclosure in interpersonal relationships. For each person, the size of the areas that cover the four sides of the window varies. Because it is affected greatly by many factors such as the type and duration of the relationship and the meaning attached to the relationship. Awareness of the person.

What the Person knows

What the Person doesn’t Know


They know what they are doing


What they don’t know



Let’s have a look at these sections:

Represent. Open space This section allows us to share our thoughts, feelings, and other information with others. This section includes information such as our name, age, and place of residence.

The blind area This field includes information that people around us know about you, but not us. This field includes information such as our voice, body language, unconsciously displayed emotions, jealousy, and other narcissistic traits.

The secret area Covers We know things that aren’t known by people, but we do know. around us. We can, for example, address the concerns regarding the Privacy of the individual and his private secrets.

On The unknown area, on the other side, contains information in an unrevealed subconscious that is unknown to us as well as those around us. So what is this window trying to tell us about?

Research suggests that people should create the above picture in their relationships. This is healthier and more attractive. The foundations of authenticity, honesty, and integrity are built by the person’s self-disclosure and sharing of information. A healthy relationship relationships deepen and new bonds are formed. The more people and the person know each other, the more they will be able to help one another., The more one is conscious of himself and makes sure others know the truth, the better. The How to create such a window style Without opening itself.

Which are the most important in your window’s view? Are you open to sharing your views? Do you think you are more open than you realize? Do you feel like you have a communication issue in your relationship? step toward You can show your self-disclosure behavior as a solution.