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How Do We Know If Our Root Chakra Is Not Balanced? How Do We Balance?

The Root Chakra connects us to the material world, transfers cosmic energies to the content and spiritual level, and transmits earthly power to our body. It allows us to connect with Mother Earth and sustain life. It gives us temporal stability and solid foundations to build our lives, forms the vital foundation of other chakras, and is the source of life force. For Inner Balance, it must be aligned with the 7th chakra.

Color: Red
Location: It is located between the crotch, where the excretory organs are located, at the bottom of the spine, and in the powerhouse, where the intestines and anus meet.
In the body: Spine, bones, teeth, breech, intestines, prostate gland, blood, and cell production
Element: Earth

When the Root Chakra is balanced:

The joy of life, commitment to life-harmony, confidence, material, and spiritual strength, courage, joy

When the Root Chakra is balanced, we are connected to life, our joy and desire for life increase, and we feel safe. We live in harmony with the nature of life and the Earth. We want to take root in the world, start a family, expand, and grow. We feel financially wealthy and secure. We can adapt to change. Internally we think strong, joyful, and happy.

When the Root Chakra works out of balance:

Resentment, anger, aggression, forcing oneself to get what one wants, being rigid, being offended

When the Root Chakra is out of balance, we tend to be disconnected from life or with addictions. We develop the ambition to have everything we desire immediately to satisfy our personal needs. We neglect our health, nutrition, sleep patterns, and demand for rest. Likewise, we ignore the needs of others. Because the fear of losing is so intense, we do not feel safe and develop a distance from life, people, and events. We do not have the will to restrain certain behaviors and passions. We cannot give freely.

When the Root Chakra is underworked:

Physical fatigue, weakness, resistance, indecision, uncertainty, emotional pain

When the Root Chakra is underworked, we become physically weak, tired, and sluggish. We become materially and spiritually powerless and insensitive. We can obsess about the past. Even small events, let alone significant events, become a cause for concern. We grapple with the feeling of uncertainty. At the same time, we feel in the air as if we were not on this Earth, as if our feet were not on the ground. Let alone working; we would not be able to do daily routine work. We feel indecisive and unsuccessful and walk around with our shoulders down as if the world’s weight is on us. Life weighs more than happiness.

Methods to Balance and Revitalize the Root Chakra

Nature Therapy

To receive our planet’s relaxing, balancing, and uplifting energy through the first chakra, sit on the floor in the lotus position and consciously breathe in its scent. By contemplating a blood-red sunrise, sunset, or bright dawn or evening, you can bring your root chakra back to life and harmonize it with the other chakras and your entire personality, loosening the constrained structures within this cluster. By contemplating a blood-red sunrise, sunset, or bright dawn or evening, you can bring your root chakra back to life and harmonize it with the other chakras and your entire personality, loosening the constrained structures within this cluster. If you can combine these two natural experiences, you can achieve the most appropriate holistic effect in your root chakra.

Sound Therapy

Music: The most appropriate music to activate the root chakra should consist of monotonous, accentuated rhythms. Most primitive tribes express the ancient music best from these rhythms. Their dances also establish a relationship with nature, all its energies, and ways of life. You can use natural sounds to harmonize the root chakra with the other chakras and our personalities. If you can’t be found in their natural habitat, tapes and recordings will also work.

Sound: The” U” sound belongs to the root chakra and should be said from pes Do. The “U” sound initiates a movement toward your roots. It awakens your first chakra’s original, earthly power as you delve deeper into the unconscious.

Mantra: LAM

Color Therapy

The first chakra is activated with a clear, bright red. If this red is shaded with blue, it helps the life impulses of life impulses to radiate with your spiritual energy. The color red warms and invigorates. It awakens vitality, vitality, and courage. The color red warms and invigorates. It awakens the spirit, life, and courage.

Gemstone Therapy

Agate: Agate provides seriousness, durability, and tranquility. It dissolves negative emotions and protects the inner self. It gives you self-confidence and activates your genitals. With some crystal additions, Agates maintain the physical or mental life forms that grow within you. They strengthen trust. They reduce labor pains.

Hematite (Natural Iron Oxide): Hematite provides strength and energy. It has a refreshing effect on the body. It moves hidden points. Thus, it helps you overcome states of weakness and supports recovery after an illness. Moreover, it ensures that the blood and cells are healthy.

Red Jade: Green-red jade connects you with the necessary power and love of Mother Earth. It teaches humility and unselfishness. It strengthens your blood and gives you vitality, determination, strength, and patience. It cleanses and transforms the physical body, creating a sense of security in the natural life cycles where we find inner strength and peace.

Green or Lal: Lal provides drive, willpower, self-confidence, and success. It opens our eyes to the unknown and supports clairvoyance. It stimulates the sex drive and helps it transform into a transformative, uplifting energy. It also helps to heal the sexual organs physically and stimulates blood circulation.

Red Coral: Red coral is vital, flowing energy. It supports the making of blood cells. It provides stability and helps you hold on tight to yourself as you drift through life’s purpose.

Ruby: Gives vital and warm creative energy that leads to purification and change. It establishes a harmonious synthesis between physical and spiritual love, sexuality, and spirituality, thus making it open to new experiences.


Cedar: The spicy scent of cedarwood oil connects you with earth forces and all-natural forms of life. It helps create energy and reveals a sense of clarity and confidence in the lap of Mother Earth.

Clove: Clove oil helps dissolve blocked energies in the root chakra. It enables you to break free from old and limiting societal patterns stemming from the need for protection and security and open yourself up to new, fresh energies. In this way, if you can receive the message in your vibrations, you can move towards change and renewal.

Affirmations for the Root Chakra

  • I feel the presence of my physical body.
  • Now I trust life and the flow of energy.
  • I look to the future confidently because life instantly meets and supports all my needs.
  • I am accessible, competent, and satisfied in all aspects of life, and enjoy life.
  • I accept it as it is.
  • I am one and whole with life, rooted like a tree.