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Increase Your Life Energy with the 5 Principles of Reiki

Reiki is an ancient healing technique based on energy transfer from the Japanese tradition. Rei- means “universal,” and -ki means “spiritual life energy”. So it is a universal life energy used to heal the energetic body.

All humans have a life force, or energy field, that keeps us alive. According to practice, physical, mental, and emotional problems can occur if this energy is low or blocked. The purpose of Reiki is to heal the person by balancing these energy fields. Studies show that it reduces pain and anxiety and elevates mood. It can also be an alternative solution to dealing with depression.

Like every spiritual practice, Reiki has some principles. These basic concepts are similar to intent. They offer guidance to connect with the Reiki energy by focusing on the moment. You can also use these principles in your daily life to add positive points to your day. So let’s take a look at what these principles are!

What are the five principles of Reiki?

Reiki philosophy is rooted in five principles. These principles offer guidance for healing and balancing.

1. Just for today, I’m releasing all my angry thoughts.

It’s normal to feel angry sometimes. This emotion can be triggered by many scenarios, such as dealing with a rude co-worker or being cut off in traffic. But according to Reiki, anger does not come from external events but rather from that anger-filled energy that you already carry inside.

This principle aims to help you release this energy. It encourages you to recognize your anger and remove it. This makes room for you to invite happiness into your life.

2. Just for today, I’m putting my anxious thoughts aside.

Most of us worry about things that haven’t happened yet. Although it is easy to think this is rooted in an external source, Reiki still says everything starts inside. If you are holding on to that anxiety energy, thinking about the future will create negative feelings in you. But if you learn to move away from this feeling, you can learn to live in the moment and reduce your future anxieties.

3. Just for today, I’m grateful.

This is a reminder to express your gratitude for what you have. You can nurture positive energies by slowing down and noticing the good things in your life.

4. Just for today, I am expanding my awareness.

Regularly practicing mindfulness in Reiki is the key to balancing your energies. This principle encourages you to be grateful for the moment.

5. Just for today, I will be tolerant of all beings. 

This principle focuses on the positive energy you receive in return for being kind to others. It also involves being kind to yourself. This is essential for our spiritual health.