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End Wars in Your Soul: Inner Peace

“I want to lose weight but can’t control my willpower.”

“I want to make exercise a habit, but I roll over my watermelon and go to bed.”

“I want to do my dream job, but I’m afraid of my family’s reaction.”

“I want to live abroad but cannot act out of fear.”

“I want to sleep less, but I can’t stand the pillow when I see it.”

Is it familiar? If at least two of these sentences are running your life, what do you say you should stop and think? How far is it from where you want to be? At least at a visible distance? Your life may not be what you imagined; that’s not what I mean. Everyone has to run after dreams, of course. But if you get on the sailing ship and throw yourself into the sea to reach where you want to be, we need to talk.

You set yourself a goal: I will reach my ideal weight!

The first two days, everything is excellent; walks are made, and light and healthy foods are preferred. On the third day, on the way to work, freshly baked pastries wink; Warm, fresh… You continue on your path by ignoring us, we are motivated, and everything will be excellent. While drinking coffee in the afternoon, a light wind blows in his mind saying, “I wish he had cheesecake with him”. Is your will weakening, or is the universe working against you today?

You keep reminding yourself: A minute of pleasure is traded for a lifetime of extra fat on the diet exchange. People wonder what to invest in! It’s evening; you’re starving. The tastes you have deprived yourself of all day have accumulated as restlessness.

Your soul is divided; can you feel it?

You’re in the middle of nowhere between wanting to be thin and ice cream cookies. It’s hard to breathe. Two poles stress you; your integrity is broken. Even in all these circumstances and conditions, your first duty is to go for a run, and you find yourself in a hamburger shop. After you popped five scoops of ice cream on you, okay, you’re relieved. The tension in him decreased; The strife did not stagnate.

What in this short life is as disturbing as a fight with oneself? Incredibly tiring! Whoever wins you get hurt. A battle in which all energy, peace, hope, and, most of all, self-respect are exhausted! It doesn’t end.

Moreover, you enter an endless loop. Even while writing, I was queasy; let’s make a coffee and come and solve this! Are you in?

Get to your ideal weight, sleep more than 6 hours a day, drink plenty of water, do sports, start the day with meditation, and be thankful.

How easy it is to say, isn’t it? Nobody talks about the dilemmas and fights it will create in his soul. Nobody talks about how to reconcile the sleep-loving part of you and you who want to discipline yourself. What if you calm the storm that shines inside when you go to the gym while you wish to popcorn and enjoy a movie? Moreover, in every aspect of his life, he pulls from his arm; What if you end these wars that create duality in your soul? How does it sound? I seem to hear the sounds of peace…

Become your best version: End the wars in your soul!

There is no duality in the path to its best version. Undivided, your soul is not tired of civil wars. Contradictions have been resolved; the storm has subsided. This state of peace you have created in yourself, with yourself, takes you to your best version. You are free from dualities, free from dilemmas… Can you imagine anything better?

Give yourself a hand.

What can bring the polarities that create a dilemma together at one point? You have to hold hands with love and convince one side, right? It’s straightforward: Finding the critical point where one side needs to convince the other. Either you’re going to permit to eat ice cream for that day, or you’re going to convince the part that wants to eat ice cream with sweetness. . You are the public security manager; the more skillfully you manage, the easier you will get what you want from life.

The only solution is to listen sincerely to both sides and ensure that our choice does not create a polarity in us. If you only knew how free it feels, how much power it gives! Getting rid of poles and conflicts…

Inner peace transports you to the best version of you: Why?

Because you don’t lose most of your energy in wars within yourself, you transfer it to the target you focus on in a controlled manner. Seeing that you can manage your contradictions, you trust yourself more. You will respect yourself more if you know that you can make decisions without creating a dilemma. He takes action toward the dreams of life. Even though they come from different directions, they intersect at one point. That intersection is the “best you” point, and there is no feel-good dimension.