Social intelligence is a skill that allows people to sense the emotions of others, speak in a predictable manner in social situations and appear confident in all circumstances. Although you may believe these people possess a special talent, they actually have it. social intelligence.

Edward Thorndike, an American psychologist and the first to propose the theory of intelligence socially, in 1920. Thorndike described it as “The ability understand people Manage your relationships “By being wise in human relations.” This theory states that no one is born with intelligence in social relationships. Instead, intelligence refers to a collection of skills an individual acquires over time. 

Signs that you possess social intelligence

Socially intelligent People have certain characteristics that make communication easier. With other people:

• Active listening

A socially intelligent person They don’t listen only to the person who replies; they Pay attention Listen to what they are saying. So, the other party feels connected and understood.

• Speaking skill

Are you a seasoned professional? You may meet someone who manages the conversation You are able to maintain attention in a noisy environment. These people are fluent in speaking and can converse with nearly anyone. They are thoughtful, funny and sincere in their discussions. They bring out the best in people by making it more meaningful.

  Reputation management

Socially intelligent people pay attention to the impressions they make on others. One of the most difficult elements of social intelligence is reputation management. It requires careful balance. You must make an impression on each other while remaining true to yourself.

• Not Arguing

Social intelligence is a person who has social intelligence Knows that trying to get someone to accept what they believe is futile. They will listen even if they don’t agree with the opinions of others.

How do you build social intelligence?

There are strategies to increase social skills. While some people can develop their social intelligence easily, others might need to work hard to improve their skills. Let’s now look at ways to improve your social intelligence.

1. Pay attention and pay close attention to what is happening around you

They are the observers of socially intelligent people. They Pay attention to make inconspicuous social visits around them. You should consider if someone is in your vicinity. This is the power of life Watch closely at how they communicate with other people.

2. Your emotional intelligence can be improved

Although they are similar to social Intelligence, emotional intelligence This is all about controlling your emotions and being compassionate with others. You must be familiar with an emotion before you can feel it. This helps you recognize and react to the emotions of others. People who have emotional intelligence can recognize negative emotions like anger and sadness and are able to control them. social environment.

3. Respect cultural differences

It is better to respect culture than to ignore it. Instead, it is important that you meet people culturally different than you in order to learn more about them. Socially intelligent people realize that different people may respond differently to certain situations.

4. Actively listen

Work on your communication skills to improve your social intelligence. Communication skills are what we mean. This skill requires active listening.. You should not interrupt another person. Take the time to listen and reflect on what the other person has said before responding. Be attentive to the subtle hints that are left between the lines regarding the meaning of what the other person says.

5. Recognize the importance of people in your life

Socially intelligent people form strong bonds with others who are important to them. You should pay close attention to the feelings of your children, spouse, friends, and coworkers. If you don’t pay attention to the people closest you, you are missing out on opportunities to connect with them. 

Specializing in social intelligence is not easy. It would not be possible to specialize in social intelligence if it were. thing as those awkward conversations in social situations or at parties… But a more robust social intelligence can lead to a more prosperous life You can also make friends easily. Examine the social issues you face. Pay attention to Things people need whether you are proficient at them or if they make mistakes that you would rather avoid. Next, you can do the next When you join a social You can think of what you want to achieve. You might not get the results you desire. It’s okay to learn from your failures as well as from your successes.