It affects all aspects of our lives, including organs, emotions and food. Each of us are affected, for better and worse. This is the point at which the book begins to take shape. Increase our frequency It provides simple formulas for improving our lives in nearly every area of life using a holistic approach.

We should be united with the land on which we live. But we are not. Some things can cause our integrity to deteriorate. Both internal and externe factors. These; are our problems, stress, diseases, unhappiness, fights… On a global scale, our integrity will inevitably be broken by war, chaos, epidemics, and economic crises.

“It’s important to understand that my definitions for ‘being healthy’ include wealth, financial wellbeing, joy, health, and happiness. Social relationshipsHealthy romantic relationships are possible.

This is the point where you ask, “How can we get out from this vicious circle?” What can we do to restore our disturbed equilibrium? These are the questions that arise.

According to quantum physics the human being can be thought of as a transmitter which emits a frequency. A person’s life is influenced by the emotions and events of others.

German Hans Berger, psychiatrist discovered that the brain is a very important organ. The different types of electrical waves emitted by various activities were recorded with an EEG device.

Royal Raymond Rife, another scientist, examined bacteria and viruses using his microscope. He also discovered the frequency in which they existed. He claimed that the ray could heal certain diseases by vibrating. Later, he opened a clinic in America that treated 14 of 16 patients with cancer. What was the next step? Rife was hindered by the big drug cartels. Rife’s book on cancer treatment and his thesis about how he could destroy pathogens using his radiation device generated excitement in alternative medicine. The device was eventually reproduced.

The development of vibration medicine was made possible by quantum physics. A holistic approach to your health Adopted. There are many biofeedback devices available in this area today. SCIO devices combine biofeedback and Rife frequencies with electro-acupuncture and quantum physics. These devices have a huge market. step towards To prevent humanity’s dependence on drugs, and to get rid of all surgical procedures.

Each organ’s vibrational frequencies are controlled at the cellular level by energy medicine or vibration. Each organ of our body is a functioning one. body vibrates with its energy—this vibrational energy; includes toxins, microorganisms, etc. The organ loses its function if the result is not good enough. The organ begins to heal and regenerate itself.

“When we use the words economic crisis, global heating, stress, or social problems, we are afraid. We are scared. We fear everything from economic crises to election results, earthquakes to the fear and fear of birds and swine. The fear of ticks that can cast a shadow on even walking barefoot in the grass, fear of currency fluctuations, fear of food price increases… these are just a few of the many fears we have. We keep our faith in the old system. We have seen our frequency drop.

Hawkins’ research reveals, for example, that 200 Hz is the critical level and that emotions, thoughts and situations below 200 Hz weaken, tire and bring down the person as well as the environment. Let’s take a look at frequency of thoughts and emotions.

Mind and High Vibration Emotions

Healthy brains are 72 Hz. Healthy bodies are 62-78.8 Hz. Cancer patients are 42 Hz. Before death, this number was 25.25 Hz.

Emotions and thoughts can have a profound effect on our vibration. We are what we think, which is to say that we adapt to our frequency. Our vibration is affected by our connection to toxic, harmful, and low-frequency individuals.

Love and Affection – 528 Hz

It’s amazing, isn’t? It’s possible. strengthen our immunity Only love and being loved will do. Nikola Tesla also argued that increasing the frequency in the human body can protect us against disease.


The human race has used the healing power Music has been around for thousands of years. High-frequency music can be proven to improve mood in ancient cultures.

Solfeggio Frequencies Six points are the basis of Original, 396hz-517hz-639hz-741hz-852hz, and is effective in balancing soul, body, and mind with progressive frequencies.

Foods and drinks

Hippocrates says “What you eat, is your medicine.” According to Hippocrates, “What you eat is your medicine.” You should eat food that is good for your body and is compatible with your DNA. Raw foods such as vegetables, legumes and seeds have a high vibration. Sugary, carbonated foods are low in vibration. Prepared food Coffee has a low vibration

Experts determined the frequency of different foods. Here’s how they explained it:

Market food processed in the range of 0Hz; fresh herbs in the 20-27Hz field and cold-pressed vegetables and n-field nutrition in the zone of 52-300Hz.

Lifestyle determines your lifestyle Your quality of life. Use high-frequency music and foods, as well as people, places, emotions, and environments. Increase your vibration and tune in to the higher frequencies. Change your life and change your mind.