The Pygmalion Effect, also known as self-fulfilling prophecy. The Pygmalion Effect, which explains that our thoughts, emotions and beliefs can shape our reality, consciously or not. This psychological phenomenon is believed to improve performance. Merton’s 1948 research defined the Pygmalion Effect as “beliefs that have become a reality over time.” Robert Merton, sociologist, refers to this phenomenon as “Misdefining something leads to new behavior that makes right wrong.” He evaluated his determination.

Mythology: The Pygmalion Effect

A sculptor named Pygmalion in Greek mythology is in love with the Cypriot occupation. Pygmalion is a faraway sculptor who doesn’t speak to anyone. People or care He is not concerned with anything but his status. He speaks with his sculptures, has conversations with them and confides in them his problems. His sole joy in life is his sculptures.

Pygmalion makes a perfect statue one day. He creates an ivory statue that is so beautiful and impressive, Pygmalion falls madly in love with Galatea, the sculpture he made. He is her love, but Galatea doesn’t respond to Pygmalion. Aphrodite eventually sees the situation and becomes a victim. Amazingly, the figure becomes a woman of the exact same beauty and they marry Pygmalion instantly and live happily ever thereafter.

Pygmalion was passionate about his statue and caused it to be taken down. Bring your ideas to life. This story serves as a metaphor for emphasizing the power of expectations to create reality.

The Relationship between Success and Expectations

This concept is a self-fulfilling prophecy that we experience in all aspects of our lives. Understanding the Pygmalion effect can help us to analyze our environment better. This story forms the basis for George Bernard Shaw’s play “Pygmalion”. It has the following goals: Sensitize the public Understanding what expectations can lead to.

The Pygmalion Effect states that reality is subjective and can be manipulated by the environment. Influence our lives by the people around us Thinking patternsThese are our perceptions, accomplishments, and how we see ourselves. All of these You can shape elements according to your wishes. We must be able to meet the needs of the environment.

The power of the Pygmalion Effect is not infinite. We have high expectations of Mentally or physically Incompetent people can lead to stress in a person’s life and the opposite effect.

Dale Carnegie’s book, The Art of Winning Friends, and Influencing People recommends, “Giving others great dignity in which they can live up to it.” Carnegie calls this effect “Giving others a great dignity in which to live up to it.” “If you have high expectations for others, they will naturally try their best to fulfill them.” You can use the expression “Expresses.” It means that when a person expresses their expectations of another person through verbal or non-verbal communication they are able to communicate these expectations with the other. person develops By the expectation; this is The Pygmalion Effect.

The Pygmalion Effect in Business Life

Manager in business, “I believe that you will make a significant contribution to the success of this company.”You are the right person for this project.”, “Thanks to you, our sales will grow a lot. Pygmalion effects are the results of making a statement using an idea. Body language This belief can be transferred to the employee. This notification from his manager helps the employee reach higher levels of potential, improve his performance, and understands what is expected.

Managers need to be aware of the Pygmalion Effect in order to maximize its impact on business life. Managers who are aware of this effect can increase employee performance and productivity by applying it to their employees through his words and body. Language, and genuine belief. If the manager wishes to use the Human resources He has accurately regarded his employees. Knowing who is best at which job, he should direct them towards the correct task and expect the same from the knowledge he gained through the studies he does. It is crucial to remember that Expecting the right Job from the right person Fulfills the prophecy

We can make our goals a reality if we are able to work towards becoming a better version within ourselves. We can also help our loved ones, spouses, children, bosses, or employees realize their potential and support them.