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Are you introverted or do you have social phobias?

Does someone who cannot openly speak in a crowd have a social phobia or introversion? These two concepts are similar or different. Before I share the details, let me ask you some questions. Let’s get started if you have the pen and paper.

    1. Introverts are not comfortable in crowded places. (True-False)
    2. Social phobia sufferers can enjoy being alone. (True-False)
    3. Introverts love to meet new people. (True-False)
    4. Social phobia is a fear of speaking in public. (True-False)
    5. Introvertism and social phobia are both common. (True-False)

These concepts must be evaluated separately in order to provide correct answers.

Introverted Individuals

  • They enjoy to Spend time alone. They are more enthused by it. It is possible to live isolated, but also in social settings situations. They feel tired after a prolonged period of socializing and prefer to be by themselves.
  • They don’t Pay close attention to the comments of others about them. Theirs is their. Comments are more critical.
  • They are open to meeting new people but can be picky. They tend to be more distant from people they don’t like. They are more uncomfortable around people they don’t like.
  • They enjoy spending time with others, but prefer to be alone. They live in solitude and prefer it.
  • Although they are unable to speak in public, they can do it.

Social Phobia sufferers

  • Because of their anxiety, they avoid crowds.
  • They are always looking for other opportunities. People on the jury in their care and lives Inquisitively about comments from others
  • What happens if I get disgraced or they criticize me?
  • They are unable to meet new people so they avoid it. They live in forced solitude.
  • Anxiety makes it difficult for them to speak out in public even when they are offered a serious opportunity.

How much are they different from one another? It is important to understand the details.

Is there any solution for social phobia

Social anxiety is also known as social phobia. Disorder is a condition that can usually be treated with therapy. A specialist is recommended if you are experiencing difficulties with this condition.