“Beauty is not only nature’s first gift to women but also the first thing that it takes back.” It’s a French saying that I don’t remember if you heard. This is what I saw on my Paris trip. Nature has provided the French women with the most difficult ordeal.

They seem to have improved as they age. Their beauty Beyond the physical harmony and symmetry… There is harmony even in their air, gaze, and gestures. They look confident and relaxed, are well-groomed and confident. They also fit beautifully! What do they eat? What do they eat to stay this way? Moreover, French cuisine does not consist of fat-free and salt-free meals, greasy ducks, dough, cheese, or soufflés… This is called the French Paradox: women who can stay thin in all that chocolate, cheese, fatty main course… 🙂

I did the research, compile, and compiled this information for you. Here are the secrets of French women…

They are not hungry and don’t snack.

The first rule In nutrition cultures is “Eat on-time!”. They eat three meals per day and never snack. They enjoy sitting at the table. As if they are gaining energy, the food is laid on the ground. They respect the food and how it tastes, smells, and feels. It is not acceptable for them to grab a quick snack anywhere. You should eat your meals on time and properly. They said it not for nothing “The stomach is the most smooth clock.” saying. 🙂

They eat very slowly

All of us know that the brain signals fullness approximately 20 minutes after eating the first bite. French people eat, speak and rest. They eat their meals slowly and chew them for long periods of time. They will even stop eating by holding the knife and fork in their hands. They can eat small amounts of food because they eat slowly. They eat to enjoy, spread their pleasure over time and take in the moment. “Eat less than normal.” This will allow them to follow the rule. They don’t have to Eat a plate You must eat enough. 🙂

They eat yogurt twice daily!

The Frenchdon’tt is one of the most important reasons. gain weight Yogurt is a good option! It prevents the stomach from getting lubricated. There has been much written about this. It is a rich, healthy food source that regulates intestinal flora. The precious calcium it contains makes it a valuable food source. French people eat yogurt at breakfast. This is how the The digestion of the food The food they ate last night becomes easier to access, and their daily calories are not affected.

More vegetables than fruits, and more fish than vegetables.

They love vegetables and fish. Food cultures are healthy because they love vegetables more than fruit, and fish more that vegetables. They don’t exaggerate their portions. They tend to eat very little of everything.

Quality bites, not a bland plate

The principle of “Eat only the finest quality!” The food culture is guided by a strict and exclusive tone. This is a society that doesn’t eat bread. 🙂 In fact, they would rather have a slice of delicious cake than two slices of bread. They are very conscious of the quality of what they eat. Instead of eating a cheap box of chocolate, they will choose to have a small amount of high-quality chocolate. They can stay slim while still enjoying the food they eat.

They prefer to use the “zipper”, rather than scales.

They are more concerned with what they wear than how thin they look on paper. They don’t get confused by numbers like fat and muscle. They can see that they are losing weight when they have trouble fitting into their pants. 🙂

They move a lot!

These beautiful, charismatic women are determined to keep fit and move well, regardless of age. They are not interested in joining gyms or taking pilates classes. They are active throughout the day. They are always active and walk everywhere they can. Paris is full of people who walk and jog in the morning. Sport isn’t just for young people.

Eating them seems to be a way to experience spiritual fulfillment. Sitting at the table, perceiving the taste with all the senses, being able to make exquisite and delicious choices in every situation… Eating slowly, with pleasure, with pleasure… What do you think? Is it worth it? Or, let’s just ask: Is it worth it?