Yoga allows us to be present with our breath and helps us relax. It is also a great way to increase awareness, bring us into the moment, and it’s suitable for all ages. Stress, distress and anxiety can lead to heartbreak..

These exercises can help you calm your mind if you are having a difficult day or struggling with worries. Take a moment to relax, place a couple drops of lavender oil onto your mat and turn on soothing music.

Child’s Pose, Balasana

Also, this pose Relaxes the back, neck, neck, and shoulders relaxation during yoga. These are the areas where stress is most prevalent. This is the most intense. Keep your forehead flat on the mat and follow your breath. Relax and enjoy.

Camel Pose (Ultrasana)

This position helps to increase blood flow, which in turn causes more oxygen to enter the body. How about when there is more oxygen in our bodies?? Our team will then be in touch. stress level decreases.

One important point: It is not easy to get into this position. Make sure you are moving slowly and with control. Next, move your hands one at a time and bring your hands into the appropriate positions. Finally, stand straight on your knees. Try to get as far as possible and don’t force it.

Legs Up the Wall by Viparita Karani

This position is easy to achieve: raise your legs higher than your heart and concentrate on your breathing. reduces your Calming anxiety and calm your min. This is also a great position for Menstrual pain and insomnia. It will help with low back pain and back problems by allowing you to take deep, controlled breaths.

Padmasana: Lotus Pose (Seated Lotus Pose)

This allows you to be more upright by relaxing your shoulders. This pose reduces stress in the back and waist areas. This posture improves our connection with nature. Can help with anxiety and panic attacks.

Forward Fold (Uttanasana).

As with the others, this position reduces the strain on our shoulders and backs, calms our minds and can help us sleep better. Also, it is possible to help Reduce headaches. Take a deep breath Now imagine all the thoughts and situations that cause discomfort leaving your body. Don’t be afraid to go as far as possible and then wait.