You are eating healthier, exercising more, and paying closer attention to your sleeping patterns when you make a decision to improve your life. Itching, mouth sores and nausea started suddenly. This wasn’t the case with junk food. Hamburger, pizza, chips, etc. “Why do I feel so bad when I should be feeling great?” This is normal. Maybe You are experiencing the so-called Die-Off syndrome. Let’s have a closer look at the issue.

What is Die-Off Syndrome and how can it be treated?

Itching, weakness, sores around the mouth, headaches, and other symptoms that may occur after eating healthy can make it difficult to sleep. So, why don’t we encounter these problems while we are consuming? Junk food However, eating unhealthy foods like chips, chocolate, and pizza can have a negative impact on our health. But, when we eat healthy, our bodies will alert us.

Sugar is the main food source for bacteria and fungi found in our stomachs. These microorganisms, which have complex metabolic pathways and a desire to eat more carbohydrates and sugars, are able to feed their hunger. Reduce or remove sugar from a diet. healthy dietWe starve these microorganisms to create the Herxheimer reaction.

Healthy bacteria and fungi die because of an intestinal flora that is controlled by good nutrition. Endotoxin, a toxic chemical released by dying microorganisms, is released. Endotoxin is a toxic substance that kills microorganisms. immune system The body reacts to the flood of endotoxins entering the bloodstream. The body experiences temporary symptoms like headaches, fever, hypotension or flu symptoms. These symptoms could indicate that the detox/cleansing or diet therapy are working.

Is the recovery crisis over? When?

The best way to get rid of the symptoms is to keep your diet plan You should drink lots of water and sweat a lot. The good bacteria from the many microorganisms that live in our intestinal flora will help to eliminate or reduce your symptoms such as constipation and diarrhea.

If you are experiencing persistent problems, it is important to see your doctor within the next 14 days. These 14 days are part of a research-supported study. However, it is important to talk with a specialist, dietitian or doctor and complete the process together.

Jim Rohn says: “Take Take care of yourself; it is the only place where you can live..