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6 Traits of Happy People in Common

We will not fit happiness into a few items, three or five molds, and say, “this is the formula”. Because we argue that being happy is a choice independent of the conditions we are in. Being happy is a state, the situation we can choose. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to explain people who could not find inner peace when they had everything and those who had nothing and could only be happy by looking at the sky, the beauty of the weather, and their hot coffee, right? Or people who were miserable one minute and can change their mood and be happy the next? Have you ever thought like this; maybe it’s our choice, not the changing conditions in a minute?

What I will talk about today consists of the standard features that I see in happy people (perhaps in myself when I choose to be happy) when I observe them. Maybe if you intend to be satisfied, if you have a hard time choosing, you decide to go the opposite direction and first become the person I mentioned below; who knows?

Come on; I’m waiting; “So, what are these happy people like in general?”

They focus on their own lives.

Do you sometimes feel like you waste too much time with other people’s lives? Ah, those perfect lives on social media… How it feeds us all to each other. Let him go to Paris; the other get married; I don’t know who gets fired, and the other gets a great job. What is the contribution of all this to our lives? Let them go, what about you?

They know how to say “no.”

The word “no” still sounds rude to many of us. Saying no is not being rude; it’s drawing boundaries. Happy people set their limits and don’t let anyone go beyond that limits unless they want to. Don’t you want to go out? Say no. Does the favor asked of you seem like an ordeal to you? Say no. Don’t you want to go to that movie? Say no. (Moms and bosses are not included in our list.)

They don’t hesitate to compliment

Do you know that person in the office, in the classroom, who made you feel good by smiling as soon as you walked in? Hah, that person does not see any harm in infecting you with his happiness. Because you do not hesitate to give to others what you have in abundance, your hands will tremble when you give to others what you have little. That’s why happy people are so generous in telling others, “you look beautiful”, “you look amazing today”, and “I love your outfit”.

They rely on the flow.

If we leave ourselves to the compassionate arms of life, who knows what rewards, we will receive… Life becomes more enjoyable and manageable when we realize that we do not have to hold and control everything tightly. Let him surprise you, hug you, and stop saying, “it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen”; let it happen. You are deprived of what they have to offer you with your stress and worries. Let him show you something with all his generosity.

They follow their passion.

Do you think you came into this life to live? What is your passion? We have powers that we never tire of pursuing and forget time while dealing with them… These passions give us life energy and fill our fuel. Happy people find their love in life and turn to it. The more you do, the more life serves, and the more you run, the more you run.

They focus on what is

They multiply what they focus on. Yes, I’m talking about those who look on the bright side of everything. Sometimes they get on our nerves. They appreciate what’s in their lives, focus on them, polish them and multiply them. They don’t waste time getting stuck on the lost or gone.