Did you ever find yourself reaching for a bag of chips? Or grabbing a Nutella jar when you were not hungry? These situations can happen when you are angry, sad, lonely, or bored. Did you know that your mood can have an impact on these situations? These may be signs you have an underlying problem. Your weight problems could be caused by. This is what it means. Emotional eatingOur ability to suppress this is called. inner voice.

What is emotional eating?

Unresolved emotions often cause uncontrollable cravings. In order to alleviate the troubling feelings, the person turns to eating as a solution. He may not even realize that he has the alarming ‘that’ feeling at that moment… There may be two reasons for the current sense of overeating or the desire To attack the food: to Increase energy Levels To or from You will feel happier emotionally.

Emotional eating can happen when you feel sad, upset, angry, helpless or helpless. Even if a person isn’t hungry, he can still eat. The situation becomes more complicated as the repeated actions are continued. In this way, the person is able to take control of his/her destiny. Emotions are suppressed by food Current hunger is Purely emotionalThe person responds to that emotion by eating. You can think of examples like eating out to relieve boredom, eating more when you are angry, or trying to escape a stressful time with food. In other words, food can be our salvation. Take control of the negative Emotions can lead to emotional eating.

What is emotional eating?

1. You will never understand or solve your problem if you don’t try. Eat to cope With the discomfort you feel.

2. Instantly you feel calm.

3. The Continue to be in an emotional stateOvereating can cause you to feel guilty and regret.

4. You may turn to compensatory thoughts like ‘I should exercise’ and ‘I need a diet.

You may not realize it. put yourself in a vicious circle. If you don’t have the ability to analyze your emotions, then you will eat excessively and unnecessarily. You feel worse when you want happiness.

How do we differentiate between physiological and emotional hungers?

1. Emotional hunger It happens suddenly. Even though you haven’t felt the need to eat much until now, it may be that you suddenly feel the desire to eat chocolate. However, physical needs are gradual. It shows you step by step when it is time for you to eat.

2. In emotional hungerYou are being controlled by your mouth and your mind. It almost says “stall me.” We want the flavor of that food in our mouths, the picture of it. Our minds keep spinning. The stomach is the basis of physical hunger. Here’s the “Feed me a message” button.

Physical hunger is a state of being open to new foods. 3. In Our emotional hunger is our desire to find the right thing. A particular food. It is important to eat healthy food.

4. In emotional hungerWe can eat unconsciously or spontaneously. In Physical requirementsThere are Make conscious decisions Awareness about eating.

5. Even if your emotional hunger is satiated, you might not be able stop. You can help a person in physical pain. Stop feeling satisfied.

6. Emotional eating is the most common cause of emotional eating. Feelings of regret. There is no guilt in eating because of physical hunger.

What can we do about emotional eating?

• Eating is not a solution to Deal with the negatives of the moment emotion. The uncomfortable feeling can be covered up with food. Behavior changes These cases can be used to your advantage. You can choose to focus on activities that are beneficial for you. For example, self-care, taking a walk or yoga or writing, talking to a loved one, and watching out the window…

• You should Try to understand the emotion Listen to what you’re feeling in that moment. Consider what you are in need of right now. You might need to be open and honest with someone. You can also take a hot shower.

Are you starving? This is the question you should ask yourself. You are the best person to know your hunger-fullness signals. You will now be able to differentiate between emotional and physical hunger. Mindful eating will help you do well.

• If the situation you reinforce in such events is eating, try to make a different Be aware and change your behavior It is important. Remember that it is not food x which makes you feel good. Gain weight is eating more than you should.!