Let’s not talk about a happy marriage before we discuss it.

We understand that you might sigh when you see crazy couples in love wandering around Instagram. But we have good news: Happy relationship doesn’t always mean perfect. At least until you have your own definition of perfect) While happy couples may be posting photos of their romantic dinner and picnic baskets at the Eiffel Tower on Instagram, we aren’t sure if they are also sharing stories about their bitter fights. Let’s stop and take a deep breathe. our happiness-satisfaction We’ll then talk about healthy and happy relationships.

John Gottman: What makes a happy couple? What is the definition of a happy couple?

A happy couple can have many elements. Everyone is different. Definition of happiness differs. Each of us define a happy relationship for ourselves. None of us can sit down and compile data about what a successful and happy relationship looks like. John Gottman has already done it. John Gottman is the name that comes to mind when you think of marriage science. He is an American psychiatrist, author, professor of psychology and researcher on marital stability.

Gottman met Levenson in 1980 at Indiana University. The first was an examination of the relationships between thirty married couples. It proved that the physiological responses of the couples to each other were the key to relationship satisfaction. Gottman invited 79 different-aged couples to his observation lab in 1983. The objective is to predict divorce behavior or processes. Gottman proved his initial hypothesis four years later by observing these couples. Those who do not know how to handle it Relationship conflict Divorce is more common in these couples. These results led to the Magic ratio.

Gottman states that successful couples have five positive interactions in a negative situation.

Gottman says that successful couples are more likely to engage in conflict than other couples. These are the words Gottman uses They are called “Masters of Marriage”, and they possess two things Common:

  1. They approach conflict with more gentleness
  2. They are more proactive in resolving disputes

Also, The difference between a failure and a success is how they manage conflict. Unhealthy relationship.

Here are five positive traits happy couples share:

1. Empathy

Empathy is an important part of being human. Healthy human relationships. Empathizing with your partner before and after an affair Conflict allows you to experiment It’s easy to understand what they feel and think. Simple expressions of empathy can go a long way; for example, a simple nod or a slight smile… Verbal empathy is also essential. Even saying, “I understand how you feel” or “I can understand why you think that…” can do wonders.

Empathy is an inexpressible emotion. A relationship skill that can help you heal and resolve conflicts conflict. Even more important, Expressions of empathy are a sign you are on the same side with the person you’re with. They also show that you don’t want to cause confusion and that you are willing to help them.

2. Sympathy

Sympathetic behavior can help lower blood pressure, and it allows the other person to relax. (Even during the conversation!)

A simple joke or a supportive sentence can help open the dark curtains that both sides have drawn during the discussion. This reminds you what you mean to one another, so take out your egos and start arguing.

It is important to avoid making sarcastic, uncompassionate jokes. If we do, we might raise an eyebrow. You can also play games but ensure that the game is appropriate for your situation.

3. Attention

When we are involved in an argument, we can be emotional and defensive. We may feel like we are trying to communicate with the wall by not making eye contact with our partner or lover, or if they don’t listen to us. How can we explain the importance and value of Pay attention Listen to your partner’s words

The greatest thing in discussions is to understand each other. The other person will feel understood and will stop being so stubborn, greedy, and angry. He will be able to get what he wants. The person in front will feel understood if anger and greed are not present. He will understand you better and be able to give you your rights.

Attention to what your partner says – whether you agree – is a sign of love and respect. To avoid potential escalation and confusion in conflict situations, it is important to be aware.

4. Tendency toward agreement

As we mentioned, Happy couples Couples that are proactive in resolving conflicts better than others do. Achieving agreement does two things. It speeds up the resolution of any ongoing conflict, if any. And it encourages sincerity. Bring both sides together How to solve a problem.

It is difficult to do this in the middle a conflict. Sometimes it can seem that someone is trampled on their pride! For the good of the relationship. This is what TV taught us. Films and series.

Remember this: Arguments are valid. You’re here to negotiate and find a compromise. This is not a conflict.

5. Love requires courage

We will discuss how to resolve a conflict that is common. Let’s show some love! This may seem awkward at times, but it can help to quickly end conflict or generate a solution faster.

It takes courage and loyalty to show love even when it’s difficult.