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What is The Real Reason Why We Judge One Another? How can we get out of this loop?

To understand the world, we are always analysing every action. We are constantly in a state of judgement. We constantly judge ourselves and our thoughts, appearances, and emotions. Sometimes, we even criticize ourselves for these emotions. We trust others and their experiences, decisions, and backgrounds. Have you ever wondered where the judgment cycle is coming from?

Although it is true that judgment is an everyday part of society, that doesn’t necessarily mean that we cannot do something about it. Shaman Durek believes that judgment is more common than we think. This vicious circle can be broken with a little effort and good intentions.

Why do we judge other people?

Shaman Durek says Judgement is an answer to fear. He said, “The judiciary serves as your protection mechanism.” “So it’s an act that you don’t have to “Be open to the unknown.” We don’t know what we don’t know If we know too much about someone, our inner fears of the unknown can overwhelm us. Instead of trying to learn more about someone and their past, he judges them.

This shows us that we don’t have to be malicious. “We don’t know what we are doing, so we act in this manner.” emotional intelligence In our families, schools, or other institutions.” explains Derek. Derek explains that we aren’t open to learning about new concepts we do not understand.

What can be done to end the judicial cycle

It is crucial to be conscious of our judgmental instincts. Begin by being open to learning. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and learn new concepts. Learn as much as you can about any culture that you encounter. Before you judge, learn as much as possible about any new concepts that you encounter. The next step It is to “let it go of the idea shame, blame, or labeling.”. This means that you will learn to be aware of your own reactions and stop causing harm by being conscious.

Shaman Durek says the system was designed to break us into groups in order to control them. This is why it’s so important to get along. This is how we can overcome the system. Shaman Durek states, “Let’s make our anger fuel for real change so that we can thrive.

To sum up, to To truly be free from judgment, it is essential to approach the unknown with curiosity and not fear. It is important to be comfortable asking people about their culture, their preferences and other aspects of their lives. We should listen to people as if we were exploring a new world. It is important to forget about labeling and blaming.

Shaman Durek explains, “No mater what our circumstances are, we can rely on love.”