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Energy of Colors: Which Color Are You?

Ever since I was a child, I have been matching people with colors in my mind. Some are the color of the ocean; some are white. I can’t be sure about some of them; I attach their name to the leaf of a tree I see in nature. When the sun hits, its color becomes hazel; I notice the glowing lines hidden in hazel when I look carefully. Am I in all the brightness and tonal difference? I wake up in the morning with a pomegranate flower; my eyes turn blue in the afternoon. Of course, I don’t know every tone of my soul. I try to protect my colors, love them, and carry them with pride. Every person awakens a different pattern, and with every journey, a new color in me. Colors have energy.

Joyful? Which color do you like most?

For example, does red make you feel alive? Does green calm you down? How would you feel in a white room? Are the shirts in your closet always black? What about earth tones? If you had to choose a color, which would be the one that most resembles you in the mirror?

Red: dynamic, stimulating, energetic

Red is related to fire energy. It evokes the passion, activating with flames, vitality… If you have identified yourself with red, it would be appropriate to say that you are pretty aggressive, determined, and remarkable. It is very intense. So too much can sound scary. Constant exposure to red can trigger feelings such as aggression and anger.

Bulls are color-blind. They use this color in bullfights in Spain. We think the bulls of the red cloak are angry. The purpose is to excite and provoke people.

It is believed that feng shui radiates a lucky and protective vibration. It is recommended to be used in pillows at home. You can get help from red accessories when you feel tired and have difficulty taking action.

Pink is a soft and romantic version of red. It awakens and activates the feminine energy. When you need affection, you can soften your energy with a pink scarf or nail polish.

Yellow – Orange: Active, creative, heartwarming

The light, joy, and enthusiasm of these colors come from mother earth. When you need productivity and courage, yellow-orange tones will be good for you.

If you are successful in jobs that require responsibility and managerial acumen, your soul may be yellow or orange because these colors accelerate mental activities and strengthen cognitive skills. That’s why it is the color of the literature’s scientists, creators, and idealists.

When you need self-confidence, carrying yellow tones around the corner will relax you. Let’s note aside that dark yellow arouses jealousy. Orange, the color of the sun, will wink at you when it needs the energy to warm your soul.

The energy of colors is often emphasized in marketing strategies. In symbolism, yellow represents impermanence, while orange gives the impression of ‘for all.

Green – Blue: Balanced, calm, harmonious

The color of the sky and the sea is blue… Light blue has a distant, cold breath. It evokes freedom, peace, and eternity. It gives peace to people and relaxes the soul. People who like this color are generally loyal, balanced, docile, and reliable. Deep blues can trigger emotionality and pessimism.

He can balance the energy with blue candles and blankets in the chat corners of his home; You can have a peaceful flow.

Green is the color of nature and spring… Rebirth, harmony, and balance… It is believed that this color is the energy emitted by the heart. Therefore, the color of life and breath is green. When you want to accept and ask for patience, you can be refreshed with the regenerative green energy of plants.

Purple – Magenta: Wise, inspiring, sad

This color, which carries the dangerous vitality of red and the sadness of blue, is believed to inspire; In some cultures, it represents melancholy. Therefore, if I say that your favorite color is purple, a drop of sadness accompanies your creativity, I will not be wrong. Mystical purple is believed to bring good luck in Feng Shui: The color of abundance and abundance…

Symbolizing universal wisdom, purple can be frightening from time to time as it reveals your subconscious fears. However, you can benefit from its meditative energy when you want to invite abundance and fertility into your life.

Black – Grey: Mystery, loneliness

Black represents loneliness and mystery. For centuries, it has been associated with death and the fear of death. It has been proven to increase concentration. Gray symbolizes seriousness in diplomatic and neutral environments.

“To see something fully, one must look with the heart. The eyes only see what everyone else sees. You must look and feel with your heart to see the essence.”