Each relationship is susceptible to difficulties from time-to-time. The problem situation could be due to problems in the lives of one or both partners, or it may arise directly from the relationship. The key to overcoming these problems is whether or not the partners create a secure relationship. A healthy relationship can allow people to continue their relationship where they left it, sometimes even becoming more muscular. The relationship might need to be reviewed if it has become strained at an essential point or if problems have resurfaced after being resolved briefly. 

What questions should we ask our relationship to be able to honestly answer in order to evaluate our relationship?

What do you think about your relationship?

Let’s suppose you thought about your partner during a normal day at work or class. There is nothing you can share with your partner at the moment. You haven’t made any plans for that day. Or you forgot to call him. Everything is going smoothly in your relationship. What is your feelings about your partner at such times? If you think about your partner, do your feelings of anguish or warmth suddenly come over you? 

Are you comfortable discussing your feelings with your partner or family?

Sometimes we can be bothered by the actions, words, and looks of our partner. If we keep them within ourselves, but don’t tell our partner, it can lead to our vulnerability. Behaviour of partner Our eyes can begin to hurt after a while. There are many reasons to hide something from someone, but people will often hide their feelings or thoughts in order to avoid the reactions of others. Are you trying to suppress your emotions by thinking? If you do, it can be a sign of weakness. Consider how your communication is with your partner. Are you able to easily share the things? he is bothering you or “Now, we will be nervous for nothing, and we will likely fight and get offended?” It’s best to not share.

Are your conversations with partners emotionally or physically harmful?

Sometimes heated discussions can lead to a heated relationship situation. The parties might show more positive reactions as tension increases. Partners can say to one another, especially after heated arguments, “You’re nothing without me,” He can use emotions Negative sentences like People You can also use such penalties to make your partner feel bad. However, partners can also harm one another during arguments. In these situations, the perpetrator said that he/she was not himself.”, “I couldn’t control myself.” While he might be forgiven by his partner for making such statements, these situations can be seen as Great warning Signs in relationships. 

Do you feel like you have swept your problems under a rug, or are you more likely to solve them? 

It is believed that people who are healthy have a higher chance of being successful. Romantic relationship Never argue about anything. Every relationship involves disagreements and arguments. At this pointHow these conflicts are solved is a separate matter Healthy relationships From unhealthy ones. It is possible for the parties to take an active role when there are disagreements or problems. Then, they can try to resolve the issues by speaking openly and not pretending that they do not exist. These disagreements can be resolved in this way. So, the The relationship is not destroyed By conflicts 

Are you able to reach a compromise that both the parties can live with?

It is important that both partners are happy when solutions are sought after problems arise in a relationship. It is not possible to discuss a standard solution if one partner accepts the solution offered to him by the other to resolve a dispute. Do you think the other side always wants what they want?

Are your good times worth more than your bad?

Consider the time since the start of your relationship. Perhaps you have shared some of the worst times or even triumphed over many problems together. If you take a look at your relationship, is there more good times or less? Also, how do you view your relationships when you compare them? Days or minutes When you were happy and when you were sad together? 

Do you get along well with others, can you support each other and care about eachother’s happiness?

A healthy and long-lasting relationship is key to ensuring your health. The support provided by partners is called relationship Please show your love. Partners can be supportive of each other in healthy relationships. supportersSometimes even. Guides mentors. However, All these should not be confused for “saving” one another Because no one person can be someone’s savior. He cannot be someone who saves anyone, but he can be someone who supports him, holds his hand when he falls and fights for his wellbeing in all situations. Think about how you relate to your partners. Do you think of the two of you together as a team or do you feel you are on your own when you share a goal, dream, or happiness?

Are you looking to make your relationship last? 

Another factor that can be considered is Maintains good relations It is Building a common future, sharing life goals and standard plans. The ability to meet the partners on the same ground can improve their connection and strengthen the relationship. long-lasting. But, if the partners don’t integrate their relationships into their life or view their relationships as an independent part of their lives, it can be detrimental. The relationship will end. What do you think of the future for your relationship? Is it possible to build a relationship with your partner? Don’t give up on your dreams Are you able to see yourself achieving your goals with your partner or are they just your dreams?