Everyone wants to feel happy. Everyone wants to feel happy. Psychology has studied for years how people feel about themselves and what they do. Positive psychology is even a separate discipline of psychology. This is where the focus is on feeling good. I will be introducing positive psychology in this article. You will find 3 applications that were discovered through positive psychology research. These applications have been scientifically proven to improve the sense of well-being. . Let’s go!

Positive Time Travel

It is evident that dreams and plans for the future are good things. But what about our past experiences? Are they possible to apply them?

Feeling good is about imagining the future and reminiscing about the old. Although it may not seem like much, remembering positive emotions from the past can have a cumulative effect. It can also help you feel positive emotions and have positive thoughts. Looking back at our past experiences is a great way to learn. Also, it will shed light on what made us happy. What we should do now.


Step 1: Take photos of an event in the past that evoked positive emotions You. it can also be a significant day like a graduation, birthday celebration or wedding. You can also have a normal day like a meeting with friends. Spending time Picnic with your family. Take as many photos of your day as possible and try to recall the details. Was that day happy? Did you feel any other positive emotions? If there are people in your photo that you can contact, share the image with them. You can also send the photo to Whatsapp and have a conversation about it. This photo might allow you to connect with someone you haven’t been able to see in a while.

Step 2 You can make a photo collage that will help you remember your time travel. This collage can be used as a reference point. Printing out the photos and putting them in a notebook are two options. Or, you can compile the photos into a file on the PC. You can also use a collage software. It’s up to you. Check out all the options. Which one gives you the most pleasure? And which one is more permanent? This will help you create a positive album about time travel.

Gratitude exercise

In recent years, gratitude/gratitude has been highlighted in numerous places. Personal development etc. You must have seen a suggestion to be thankful if you are a constant follower of a platform. The practice of gratitude has found such scientific benefits that I wanted to include gratitude, albeit a cliché.

Hence, gratitude is so powerful. Because Giving thanks is the best antidote for depression Negative emotions. It is possible to see a negative event through a positive lens. Point of view: To see the positive side, be able to give thanks for it, enjoy the situation, deal with difficulties, and be grateful for what we have right now.


Step 1 Create a calm environment. You can put on some music, light a candle, or prepare a hot beverage if you like. Get out the notebook.

Step 2 Three people are your best friend. Find things in your life you are grateful for. In your notebook, write down the names of people for whom you are grateful.

People I am grateful for:

Step 3 Next, think about the events that you have had this week. Take note of three things you were grateful for that occurred during these events. These; It can be normal daily life events such as taking a hot shower, talking to my mother on the phone, reconciling with my girlfriend, or good events that are of great importance to you… Write down three events/things that you are grateful for have happened.

Things I am grateful to this week

Step 4 Think about what you want. Your whole life. Consider people who have helped you and done you a favor. Do you have people to whom you are grateful, but can’t express your gratitude? If so, you can write a thank-you letter explaining why you are grateful and your feelings. You can thank the person by phone if they are available. You can also write in your notebook if you don’t wish to communicate.

3. to do good

You are mistaken if you believe that being good is about making someone feel good. Studies have shown that people who do good are also more likely to be successful. Scientific research has led to the following: People who do good are more likely to succeed in life. Social development bonds. They also have a greater ability to resist the negative influence of their own negative thoughts than people who don’t do well.


Step 1 Don’t forget to do a favor for someone you don’t know. You can plan what good you’ll do. This is what you should do. You can also look at the examples and studies that show kindness. Ask me to help you choose a favor that doesn’t come easily to you.

  • Donating to an organization using internet banking
  • Talking to someone you care about when they are having trouble
  • You can make the dessert/dish that your spouse likes
  • Buy a gift for your child
  • Shopping for an elderly neighbor?
  • Share useful information with others
  • Donate books to the library
  • Place the garbage bin in front of the entrance
  • Catering for a meal to someone you feel needs
  • Stray animals can be fed
  • Assisting in a job of repair

Step 2: Record the favor you received and how you felt about it.. You can also write the reason you chose this favour. What positive things can you do for the future? To make the best of the future, plan and write down the questions that arise.