Are emotions able to move or are certain actions indicative of emotions?

Is action possible when words are insufficient? Or is action different from other expressions?

What is it that completes touch, touch and feel in the physical senses of touch, touch, or feel?

Sometimes I just want to feel more the beauty of sunsets. Other times, I want my hands to touch the ocean sparkles or the sun. My heart is my only hope. I can’t touch it, so I hold my hand close to my heart. That’s not enough.

At this point, I use my complementary painting to preserve the feeling and movement that cannot be accomplished with another movement practice. It is also to watch and direct the emotions. The pictures that I took to Heal my emotions The direction of my brush makes it feel like I can touch the paint layers with your fingers. It is almost as if you are touching the sky or clouds.

While painting, the feeling of movement coming from the conscious or unconscious becomes concrete with the paints on the surface with the brush, turning into a visual projection… This area of expression is transformed into a therapeutic experience by conscious awareness and mediation.

Art for therapeutic purposes

According to the American Art Therapy Association’s () 2017 current definition:

Art therapy using integrative methods. Engages mind, body and spirit in different ways, without the need for verbal articulation. Kinesthetic, sensory and perceptual opportunities offer alternative communication modes that can transcend the limitations of language. Visual and symbolic expressions give voice to experience and support individual and collective transformation.

One of the most important areas of work is painting. Art therapy allows you to complete the movement. It creates a space in which conscious and subconscious thoughts, feelings and emotions can emerge, without the need to use words.. Art can also be used to heal. Expressions of emotions are possible Paintings that incorporate awareness, color, and movement are called mindfulness. Through symbols, visuals, and inner dialogue, we create a space for understanding.

Art practice can also serve as symbolic communication with emotions or sensations. Through the use of the painting, we can be guided by the needs of our souls. Pragmas for emotional healing using conscious awareness.

Painting can be a mindfulness exercise.

Painting is an ancient art form that was used to create expressions. This area connects movement, touch, seeing and thinking. When there is no aesthetic concern, painting can be done with awareness. We can then free our mind to observe for a moment the formation of colors or patterns. If we are able to bring our emotions, thoughts, and desires into the moment by practicing painting, it is possible to be conscious of them.

Sometimes we can see the common in these paintings, sometimes we can notice the unseen, and sometimes we can detect if there is new movement or a feeling that we should take action. Perhaps we can satisfy our desire to make intangible elements of the natural world touchable on the surface using paints. Maybe our current market is to transform the picture by adding new actions such as cutting, tearing and changing materials. When we observe these moments of need, we can also see the conditions of our soul, like touching, feeling, changing, transforming…

Meditation for creativity

When the meditative state arises, we observe with awareness, or the thoughts calm down are all moments of meditation… We can Meditation can be done without having to sit cross-legged or close our eyes. You can find a quiet place to rest your mind by paintingBuilt with verbal communication Moments occur when the reason loses control and we allow ourselves to be open to a creative experience in which we can paint, draw and experiment with colors and shapes without worrying about results. These moments are unified and create a state of meditation. The creations of abstract or concrete forms during meditation can help us connect with our emotions and allow us to reach our creative and productive centers.

Masters explained that art “reflects the repressed, unrecognized emotions, facilitates dialogue between conscious and subconscious aspects of the psyche and gives concrete shape to the unconscious material.” Perhaps he is referring to our ability to connect with our souls and reach abstract areas through concrete actions ( ).

Art with awareness, discovery of new There are many ways to express yourself You can connect to yourself by painting with colors and creative meditation, which is a part of art that is used as a therapeutic tool. You don’t need to have an external aesthetic perception or judgment of beauty. All you need is some paints and paper. The painting practice is then freed in a place where it is most comfortable. Feelings come from the inside Begin to feel the movement. Only what is observed will be noticed.