Are you sure that we are always free to express our opinions in society? We distort our perspectives to adapt to culture, and not to be different? Do you hesitate to answer a question at school, for example? Is it hard to admit that you don’t like the dress everyone wears?

Soloman Asch, a Polish social psychologist, conducted a 1956 study on social influence and adjustment. The Asch Adaptation Experiment was used to examine the effect of adaptation on decision-making, that is making adjustments to adapt to the environment.

Although only one participant participated in the experiment, other researchers were also welcomed to join as participants. The first phase of the investigation Participants were given a card featuring a cartoon image. Next, a second card was displayed with three lines of different lengths. Participants were then asked which line of the second card had the same length as that on the first. To this simple question, everyone correctly answered.

NextThe second stage is the final. They were again asked to determine which of the three lines on their card was the same length as one line of another size. Everyone gave the correct answer.

In the third stageA similar question was also asked: “The first line on the card is the same as which of the three lines on second card?” The correct answer was “Equal length of the first line.” It should have been. However, the researchers were attempting to distract the participant by saying “Equal to the second” in order to get them to agree to social cohesion. They replied. The participant was surprised that no one else thought the second sentence was equally long. The participant gave the correct answer, but it was different than everyone else’s.

The experiment has 18 stages. In the first two stages the distracting researchers give correct answers. The third stage is where they all agree on the wrong answer. They all repeat the incorrect answer in 11 random rounds. They do it skillfully, and they don’t spoil the part of any participant. Researchers measured participants’ tendency to give incorrect answers “just so they fit in with society”.

Based on the 12 stages of the Asch Adaptation Experiment results,

Participants in the research

  • 75% chose the majority at least once.
  • 25% of respondents did not consent to any trial.
  • 63.2% of respondents preferred to provide the correct answer in at least half of the experiments.
  • 36.8% of respondents chose to follow the majority for more than half the investigation.
  • 5% chose to follow each other every time.
  • 25% chose to go with the majority most of time.
  • The majority was conformed by around 7%.

To change the truth that we know to be true in order to adapt to such societies in our daily lives This is the reality of our lives. This experiment is a reminder of the importance of this. The expression “To stay on the right road” refers to the idea of staying on the right path. With what we know, and with our thoughts, we can participate in society. Imagine the world if everyone thought the exact same way.

“If everyone Think the same thingNo one can think anything.” Walter Lippmann