Many people work in the field of cybersecurity. Love is not a single concept. There are many concepts of love. Let me share the following with you: love typology These researchers are available for assistance. Lee.

Lee’s love typology identifies six types of love. The three basic love types are the most common, and the three secondary love types are the least. Secondary love types include a mix of primary and secondary types.

The basics of love

1. Eros love:

Eros’s love, also known by romantic love, is characterised by Romance and passion. It can also be described as lightning love. In the forefront are sexual attraction and desire. Partner’s physical appearance is crucial.

2. Ludus love:

In Ludus- type love, also known as game-type love; Relationships are like a game. These are the little games people play against one another. We call it the Dating stageAs an example, the love shown in the movie “The Love of My Life” can be referred to. It is still not clear if the bond between the lovers has been formed. It is not possible to talk about a deep love and bond. Intermittent communication is established.

3. Storge love:

This type of love is also known as permanent love. It expresses a love that moves slowly but steadily. Companion and friendship Momentary passions should be replaced. The bond between people are vital.

Love can also be secondary.

1. Mania love:

Jealousy can be very common. Jealousy is very common. Fear of losing This type of love is characterized by dominant emotions. It was created when the Eros and Ludus types were combined. This type of love can also be called excessive possessiveness.

2. Pragma love:

This type of love is not possible because there isn’t enough passion in the business for it to fuel irrationality. Logical thinking They are the most important, so the person searches for a compatible and reasonable partner. The relationship is dominated by the idea that emotions are fleeting and that material elements are more important. Combining the Ludus with Storge types creates a sense of reality.

3. Agape love:

The combination of Eros’s love types and Storge’s shows altruism. One person is in love and feels obligated to others, but doesn’t expect them to be happy. This kind of love is not reciprocated. This type of love is unrequited. The happiness of the opposite party is the main focus.

Lee’s typology for love states that love cannot be defined in one way and that people can have different views of it. How is it possible to fit all the feelings that concern everyone into one report? It is possible to find one absolute truth that describes the feeling felt by billions of people. people? You don’t think so? Each couple understands love differently. There are many different relationships. Expectations and satisfaction levels can also be different. We can draw a conclusion that the majority of the problems we face in our lives are not due to lack of satisfaction. Relationships can be formed Adopting a different kind of love for our partner.