If we are to change the direction of our lives, we must first look at the simple things. To make major changes in our lives, we need to take large steps. Not at all! Each long journey begins with a small step. Then one more step, one more step… Don’t underestimate the power of the simple.

Simpler things are easier to believe than complicated ones. However, that does not stop you from trying them.

Simple takes less time and offers more possibilities for application.

Simple is simple because you won’t have to do anything. Every action you take will yield results.

It’s much easier and more enjoyable to be positive with baby steps. Let’s go, let’s get started!

Fake smile

No, I’m not talking about the clichés of “smile” Or “laugh anything”. He should be moving his facial muscles as if he is smiling. Even if your body doesn’t feel like it, putting the facial muscles in this position will make your brain think you are having a good time. It’s so easy to fool our brains. Do not be afraid to smile when you can.

The best thing to do is exaggerate, pretend happy. What do you feel? You can feel the same way you did when you felt happy. Open your arms and smile, then take a deep, positive breath.

You can challenge yourself to be better

It’s time to challenge that outfit you love, but cannot wear. Our differences are what make us unique. What’s the point in being just like everyone else? What nonsense… Isn’t it? We were born to be colorful, to paint this gray world in different colors… Don’t be afraid of expressing your differences. Because this is your essence. Therefore, the closer you can be to your core, you will feel happier.

Resolve the matter

Complaining can be described as saying “I want more” You will get more from complaining than you complain. Let me insist that you use more Complaint Use the following words to ask: Have you ever gained anything from complaining? It didn’t happen. Your brain won’t keep trying to find something you lose by trying. I will beat you. People who are strong do not waste time complaining and criticizing. They are always looking for solutions. They value time.

Don’t be afraid of being a giver.

Yes, it’s nice to get love, gifts, or things. Who doesn’t love? It’s something I also love! Giving is also a great idea. The universe is still in perfect balance. Giving is a great way to keep the universe in balance and nourish our souls. Don’t be afraid, with your love, to share your happiness.

Use your senses to stay present in the moment.

They speak as if Staying in the moment It is so simple. Do you really want to live in such a mess? Come on, dear! Would you believe me if I suggested a simple way to accomplish this task? Use your senses! If you go out Every dayTry to take the time to feel the air, the sun and the coffee. You should always be able to smell the coffee. Pay attention Enjoy the moment by allowing your senses to take over.

Unfollow toxic people if you are unable to remove them from your life!

Do not try to make people in your life happy. cause problems To attract attention and keep your focus on the negative, you should delete your social media accounts. Because these people are more visible on screen than they are face-toface. Here’s your solution.

Mini gratitude exercise

We can’t talk enough about how gratitude brings us miracles in our daily lives. Sometimes it can be hard to be grateful for everything in your life. It is possible that your mind resists gratitude. You might be able to just be thankful for one thing every single day. “What is the point of expressing gratitude?” You can say: look, you are underestimating simple steps again… Remember that one is always more important than zero. Even if you’re grateful for just one thing each day, at the end a year you’ll have exactly 365 (yes, three hundred sixty-five!) items in your life you are grateful.

You can take a step closer by creating an agenda

I don’t just mean the dates and things to do. A schedule can be saved for anything. A plan or, if you are going to change your name to a diary, a schedule, allows you to get to know yourself better. live your life More controlled