You laughed, you cried, you watched movies together, and you went on vacations with each other. The person you used to share your life with is no longer in your life. Is that not strange? However, maybe you believed that he would always be with you…

This is exactly what separation is.

The state of freezing

How to forget about your ex-lover How can you do frog leg magic with your ex-lover? How can you bring your ex-lover back? I don’t know, either. However, there are some things I do know about how to get rid of it. Relationships remain intact after the breakup..

Accept the separation

Acceptance of absolute separation is the first step to complete separation. If you believe there was a reason for the separation, remember it often. Your brain will try to convince you that the separation was wrong. If you find yourself in this position right now, there may be one reason (or more) to continue your journey without him. Take the time to analyze these factors.

It can be messy

Normal emotions include missing someone, sadness, and crying. We make the biggest mistakes as we go along bad days It is to believe that we are fine. Cry, grieve, scatter. This is your highest natural right. You must let go of the current if you don’t want your heart to sink. Allow yourself to feel and do this horrible.

Welcoming to you!

It’s not good to break up but it is a great opportunity to get to know your self. What kind of person were you when he passed away? Which kind of person are you? What was your favorite thing? What were your first love and worst? What songs did you listen? When you feel lonely, be close to yourself and try to connect with others. Who are YOU? What are your goals? What was the last time that you indulged yourself? Isn’t this the right time? You don’t have to go to the movies. Go out for coffee. Meet new friends. Or, dare you, go on a short vacation by yourself. It will surprise you to see what you can learn about yourself.

Create a confidant

These days you will learn a lot regardless of whether or not you want to. To keep track of your experiences and to share them with others, you can use a diary (or notebook) to do this. You will be amazed at how much you can learn from the others. Thoughts you couldn’t have conceived of You will be amazed at the results. This amazing transformation must have witnessed by someone.