A healthy diet is vital during pregnancy. An optimal diet will help you meet your increased energy needs during pregnancy, and it will also help you to develop your baby. A balanced diet is essential for a healthy pregnancy. This can lead to problems for both the baby and the mother, including high levels of caffeine and alcohol. We will be focusing on some points in this article. Pay attention What to avoid during a healthy pregnancy

Experts recommend that you have a balanced diet. diet rich in nutritious foodsThese include animal and plant-based proteins, fruits and grains, as well as vegetables and vegetables that are consumed during pregnancy.

Fruits and Vegetables

Research has shown that most people don’t eat the recommended daily intake of fruits and vegetables. Take A diet plan This includes At least five portions of fruits and vegetables per day It is highly recommended for those who eat a healthy diet.

Complex carbohydrates

Complex carbohydrates Meet the person’s sufficient energy Fiber and other nutrients. It includes legumes and whole grain foods, as well as vegetables and fruits. Low glycemic foods They are very effective in controlling blood sugar. A person can eat a balanced diet. healthy nutrition Program with the assistance of a dietitian and gynecologist.


Pregnancy is a time of rapid growth. For both mother and baby, optimal protein intake is crucial. It is important to eat a variety of protein sources during pregnancy. Protein sources include eggs, fish and poultry as well as legumes.


Fats are an important part of a healthy diet healthy diet During pregnancy. It is essential to determine the type of fat that you eat. Polyunsaturated and omega-3 fatty acids Both the mother and baby are very important during pregnancy. High intakes of saturated fat can also increase the likelihood of developing complications in pregnancy. Oily fish like salmon, flaxseeds, olive oil and nuts are Oil from good sources

Iron requirement during pregnancy

Anemia can lead to stillbirth, premature birth, low baby weight, fatigue, irritability and depression. The amount of blood in the body increases almost immediately during pregnancy. For hemoglobin to be made, the body needs more iron. Iron is not available in sufficient amounts for pregnant women. person may develop anemia. Anemia in pregnancy can pose a danger to both the mother and the baby. Red meat, poultry, dark green leafy vegetable, and some fish These are excellent sources of iron.

Foods to Avoid

These are ways to avoid pregnancy complications:

  • Mercury-containing seafood
  • Partially or uncooked meats
  • Uncooked shellfish
  • Raw egg
  • Soft, moldy cheeses
  • Tobacco products and alcohol

Caffeine amount during pregnancy

The World Health Organization (2019). Recommendations include reducing caffeine intake during pregnancy in order to lower the chance of miscarriage or low birth weight babies for pregnant women A daily intake of over 300mg caffeine is recommended. Many Other beverages and foods other than coffee may contain caffeine caffeine. You can find caffeine in sodas, energy drinks and chocolates.

Healthy weight gain

Healthy weight gain Pre-pregnancy body weight index (BMI) is used to determine the size.

BMI before pregnancy What should she gain in weight?
<18.5 BMI 12.5-18kg
18.5-24.9 BMI 11.5-16 Kg
25.0-29.9 BMI 7-11.5 kg
>30 BMI 5- 9 kg


Folic acid, B12 and iron can be found in high doses. be considered the mother’s daily vitamin and mineral requirements To increase the blood volume of the mother and to help the baby grow and develop healthily. To ensure proper intake, the doctor can prescribe supplements.

To ensure that you get enough vitamins and minerals during pregnancy, your nutrition plan should also include the following:

  • Get the best protein from plants and animals such as eggs, fish, chicken and eggs.
  • Fiber-rich carbohydrates are found in fruits, potatoes, and oats.
  • Sources of healthy fats include avocados, nuts and seeds, olive oils, yogurt, and yogurt.

For monthly follow-ups, consult a doctor during this period. You can also work with a physician. Healthy diet prepared by a dietitianPregnancy nutrition should be balanced and varied.