When we are entering the summer season, and find ourselves isolated socially, either in the city, or on vacation, it is time to focus our attention on different things. We all have our own personal coloring pages, we do yoga, take to the mats, or paint. Some people also enjoy cooking and creating new recipes.

We will provide a list of Stefan Zweig’s books that you can read in one sitting if you spend your holidays reading!

“So why should I read Stefan Zweig?” We seem to be able to answer your questions.

First, Stefan Zweig’s vocabulary is very simple.

You don’t want to change the order of events in the book.

It is obvious that the author is passionate about Freud and psychology. You will also notice the characters’ deep descriptions and depth. The feeling of being ourselves is often the most important thing in the book. We read a book that we feel while reading Stefan Zweig’s books make reading a book much more intense.

The books are easy to access and have fewer pages will improve the readability.

Let’s move on to the suggestions!

The Story of a Collapsing

It is based in real life of an aristocratic French woman who was influential in the French Court during Louis I’s reign. Madame de Prie is forced to flee Normandy after she loses favor. After his days as the center of attention in Paris, which were lively and entertaining, he now faces a period in exile. It is unknown how long it will last. The palace is empty The life of power His existence is only meaningful if he has fun, intrigue and struggles. This arrogant, shallow woman tends to lie to herself and others around her. She attempts to save her own life She organized a dazzling entertainment at her Paris mansion. Madame de Prie, who is losing her ability to reason, plans to attract attention once again.

An Extraordinary Night

It is the story about a Transformative experiences in men’s lives As an elite bourgeois, he is increasingly depressed and irritable as he lives a carefree lifestyle. He spends an ordinary Sunday at the races and, possibly for the first, commits a crime by abusing bourgeois morality. He begins to realize that he has started to feel again, and is now a natural person.


The story follows the life of a medical student as he adjusts to Vienna’s reality and steps into adulthood. He is a young, naive man who finds himself in solitary confinement, far from his family. In those days, a young girl contracted scarlet fever and had to be reconnected with her family.


It’s about a respectable lady who leads a life of dignity. You will live a comfortable and secure lifeShe was bored with her bourgeois life and decided to embark on an adventure. The appearance of a blackmailer is a sign that he knows what he’s doing and is at risk of He is unable to see the beauty in his life anymore and succumbs completely to fear.

Amok Runner

When she is in serious financial straits, a Dutch East Indies doctor refuses to provide assistance to a wealthy woman. Her pride was overcome by her anger at the woman’s calculating behavior and victim. It’s not. human life It is all at stake. He quickly falls under the spell of regret. The doctor becomes obsessed with helping the woman and soon falls into the grip of regret.

Clarissa: Bonus

Stefan Zweig is his final book. This book was completed in 1981 by its publisher. This was a unique situation that made this position stand out from other.

Clarissa, Clarissa was born to an Austrian officer and graduated from a convent school. After completing her education she began working for a Viennese neurologist. Leonard, a French pacifist teacher, is her encounter at Lucerne’s Congress. It shows the world as it was when she was young, and how the events transpired from 1902 until the start of the First World War.