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The Struggle of Love in Humanity: How Can We Fall in Love With Each Other?

Why does love lead to a relationship? Because love invites us into a magical fairytale in which butterflies fly. And without realizing it… Our brain decides who is attractive or not. It’s perfectly normal to fall for someone you first meet. It is false to say that opposites attract. Research has shown that people are more likely to fall in love when they look like them.

Eminent scientists conducted experiments on university students who were passionately in love to solve the mystery of love. They showed passionate lovers pictures of their loved ones and monitored brain activity in genuine love. While stimulations come from different parts of your brain, they all work together to reward you. This is an exciting fact!

When we fall in Love, our brains reward us.

The frontal part is activated when you fall for someone. There is a lot activation in frontal parts of the brain when you fall in love. Love can create an entire new world. addictive effect The brain activates these areas similarly in those who use drugs. Because the lamb wraps are the brain regions that control motor movements and the front part of our brain, lovers become clumsy and tangled together. Love is also a state that deceives.

This is possible by suppriming parts of the brain associated with disgust and disgust Our loved ones are our greatest admiration. Of course logic is a friend to all lovers. Also, it wouldn’t be wrong to Say that your lover is losing his mind. Is that enough to make you a love-freak? Never! Salt is another ingredient that some chemicals require.

Dopamine, for example, joins the game. Falling in Love rewards us with higher levels of dopamine. The game is not possible without oxytocin. our hormone The one you love binds you to him/her and tells you to hold eyes-to-eye, hug and kiss. We are now at the top of the list: the amygdala activated by strong emotions in brain can be called the center for fear. When we fall in love, it is often suppressed. Imagine how this oppression can make us feel when Ferhat makes the mountains pierce and Mecnun is forced to live in deserts.

Why is it finally ending?

While passionate love is strong, it fades over time. While many people may believe that love doesn’t end, research shows that passionate love can last for three years.