It’s getting hotter and we need to drink more water. It is simple. The more you sweat, you need more water. The summer season brings about a change in the color of our oceans. The water we use to decorate it with fruits and vegetables can be very pleasing to the eyes, which in turn increases its hydration property by approximately tenfold.

We have listed five foods that experts recommend you add to your water in order to improve its hydration properties. Get started with some delicious sips

1. Cucumber

Let’s start with the most well-known hydrator we have all encountered: the cucumber. It is the seeds that give cucumber its hydration properties, and not the flesh.

Do you see the sticky seeds in a cucumber? The gel-like seeds are created by layering H2O molecules over each other. This form can be found in nature as well as in our cells. Experts consider it to be the fourth stage in water. It can be seen as both liquid or solid. The hydration of your water will be doubled if you add a few slices to your cucumber.

2. Chia seeds

Water in gel form is also available from chia seeds. They will clump together and form a sticky sphere if you add them to water. They’re also full of fiber. They absorb water 10-12 times faster than a sponge. The hydration properties of water with added Chia seeds are much greater than that of plain water.

3. Sea salt

To add our friends back to your water, you might need to use a filter. One of these minerals is sodium. You can find sodium in the following: Spend lots of time In hot or humid areas, sodium may be lost through sweat. 

Salt can be used to draw more water into your cells by activating sodium transporters. It allows the intestines to absorb more water.

4. Lemon

Lemon can replace minerals like potassium, calcium and iron. You can replace minerals by adding salt to some glasses. You will get more benefit if you make a salty-sour combination.

5. Apple

Although you might be more familiar with cucumbers and watermelon juices, I believe apples are an underrated hydrator. 86% of apples contain water. We can therefore say that an apple and the water you drink will have more hydration than two bottles. A significant amount of potassium is also found in apples, which will help replenish electrolytes lost.