What is seasonal Depression?

Seasonal depression is clinically recognized As a seasonal affective disorder, This is a depressive disorder that appears with the fall season. It manifests as a decreased enjoyment of activities, increased appetite, and insomnia. It improves with the coming of spring.

Seasonal depression can be considered a subtype or subtype of clinically diagnosed depressive disorder. Seasonal depression differs from normal depression in that symptoms are not dependent on the season and disappear with the lengthening days. Depression symptoms are usually more severe than those experienced by people with other conditions. season. In seasonal depressionThe symptoms may appear within a short time.

A deficiency in the serotonin hormone is believed to be the cause. depression, and depression subtypes. The root cause of seasonal depression can be found in the A decrease in the levels of the serotoninhormone, which is affected by the amount of daylight in autumn-winter.. Studies have shown that the serotonin, which is known to decrease with decreased light, decreases with shorter days, and can cause depression. Symptoms in the person. SSRIs (antidepressant drugs) are commonly used today to treat depression and prevent the reduction of serotonin.

Is there a treatment for seasonal depression?

Seasonal depression is a condition that requires drug treatment. For 30 minutes each morning, those suffering from seasonal depression can be exposed to bright sunshine. Studies show that 70% of seasonal depression sufferers have made a recovery. Method of treatmentAlso known as Light therapy.

If you believe you or someone near you is suffering from symptoms of seasonal depression

1. Meet with a Mental health Get an expert opinion from a professional on the severity of the situation.

2. Supplements can be used to increase vitamin levels if you have them checked.

3. Allow yourself to be as exposed to the sun as possible, and take breaks to look at the scenery. Sun in the morning Evenings. (We recommend these watches because weak sunlight won’t damage your retina.

4. It is possible to do sun-watching while on a walk. This will reduce the feeling of numbness.

5. If you are interested in a particular sport, you can take the first step to begin this semester.

6. You can spend more Spend your time on activities that will increase your productivity your energy.

7. To Get rid of depression and stagnation. You don’t have to be lonely.

8. If you desire a Healthy and balanced eating habitsTalk to a dietitian about including foods that increase serotonin in your nutrition plan.

9. Meditation, yoga, massage, relaxation exerciseYou can reduce stress and anxiety by doing these things. It is possible to do this.

10. Spend more time in nature. You can enjoy the beauty of autumn, the vibrant leaves and the peaceful transformation of nature by spending one day in the forest.