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Daily Skin Care Routine: Lazy

The autumn months are the most ideal time to begin our skincare routines. It seems like we have an excuse for putting off the skin care that we want. We either don’t have enough time or the money, or we have other priorities.

Our skin has been severely damaged by the sun’s UV rays over the summer months. As such, we must pamper it once the summer is over. UVA and UVB rays penetrate deep into the dermis layer. These are the major concerns for our skin. We should be concerned if we don’t want to prematurely age. Because who doesn’t like to sunbathe? What are the benefits of sunbathing? These sweet holidays are when we can get rid of all the fatigue of a year of work. But, it is not uncommon to have a problem when we don’t use sunscreen. It could be a tiny speck or a fine line depending on our luck.

We must make sure that we have a plan for when the holiday season ends, and we go back to our normal autumn months. Get to know your skin and make the right skincare purchases. Take a moment for yourself during the day. These treatments won’t take too much time and you will become accustomed to doing them after a few weeks.

Let me talk about how efficient it is. Everyday maintenance routine That I love to use for myself in the recent years. This will sound Simple and practical You can give it to yourself; if your lazy, you’ll throw it away.

Daily Skin Care Routine

Step 1

First, you can use great makeup removal gel or foam. You might think that removing make-up before going to bed is the first step. Step into fresh starts Fresh start the next morning. Your skin will feel irritated by makeup residue from the previous day. Let it be yours. We’ll begin by removing all makeup, washing our face, then massaging our skin with a damp towel.

Step 2

Next, you can try a vitamin C serum You want a brand that suits your skin and you love. Vitamin C serums Ascorbic acid make your skin It is lighter, more vibrant and without blemishes. It can also open your fine lines and make you feel good about your skin.

I love using; I love Kiehl brand serums. I also love Kiehl brand serums. I also love Kiehl brand serums. I also love Kiehl brand serum. Recommendations for your skin type These are very valuable.

We applied the serum to our faces with soft facial massage We feel good when our skin starts to stretch and move.

Step 3

We are now at the final and third Phases of moisturizing, repair, and structuring. This is where I’ll be talking about my essentials. These will not look the same as the expensive night creams you used for years, but you will notice the difference within a few minutes.

The first Bepanthol Plus skin care creamAnd the other is Madecassol oilBayer’s precious dermo-cosmetic Bayer product, ”, can be purchased from pharmacies. These creams are amazing for skin care and cell regeneration.

These two products will be your best friends for life. They will become indispensable in your care kit if you, like myself, want to do the most with as few products possible.

These two creams can be combined in a small glass vase during the moisturizing or care phase. Or, you can take them separate and apply them on your skin.