Manipulation can be described as a form of abuse and control disguised as love. It is a sign that the other person wants to manipulate you. Manipulation can appear to be love, making it one of the most dangerous forms.

Criss Jami: “Just because something doesn’t seem to be a lie, doesn’t mean that it’s not deceptive.”

Manipulation can be both controlling and selfish. Do not allow manipulators to take control of your life through their sweet words. You must maintain your control over your life and not allow others to dictate your decisions. These manipulations can become habitual and it is time to reevaluate the relationship.

These are seven manipulative phrases that can be used to manipulate you

You are amazing!

A bilateral relationship does not require you to be overwhelmed by sacrifices made by your partner. You can’t force anyone to do anything. Each person makes their own decisions. It is better if you take responsibility for what you do. Only I can carry my responsibility.

You still seem mad at me, even though you bought you a very expensive necklace.

My forgiveness can’t be purchased with money. Although it is very nice of you to do so, if the necklace was given on condition that you forgive me, it would be a bribe and not a gift. The chain can be returned.

Please do not wear it. Let me check your phone. What were you texting? It isn’t you. I don’t trust other people…

You don’t have trust in other people. Instead, trust me. If you behave this way, you assume I am either a cheater/a frail person. These assumptions are false.

It’s best for our children that you stay at home. I am only saying this to think of you.

A happy, healthy mother is what is best for my kids. The decision to Stay at home or work It is mine. My happiness is my motivation to teach my children autonomy in their lives.

Please do it in my way. This is the best thing for us.

We should be able to make decisions together. My opinion should be heard. Which is better for us? Or which one is best for you?

Let’s just say that I don’t think you want children. We should be a family.

Families can take many forms. All families share a common trait: mutual respect. I have the freedom to choose how many and when we have them. When I’m ready, I’ll let you know.

If you do not go, I will cause myself pain.

I made my decision and explained why. I’m not going to be there anymore with you; If you stay with me, I will harm myself. Your doctor should be notified if you are having thoughts about suicide or harming your self.